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About Plagiarism Checker

Before I tell you about what is Plagiarism Checker, I would like to define the word Plagiarism. Many of you may be aware of it, but it is for those who do not know about it. If we check the word Plagiarism in the dictionary like Merriam-Webster, then it means to steal something and pass it as own or use others production without giving credit to them. But if we come to the common meaning of it then it means copying other works without his/her permission, like you copy an article from one site and claim it as yours.
In simple words, Plagiarism is a kind of robbery in which you stole something from the owner. 


What is Plagiarism Checker?

Plagiarism Checker/detector is a tool that will help to find plagiarism in articles or images or video or audio. The increased use of computer and internet make it easy to plagiarize work of anyone. Academic plagiarism is most common as it is easy to copy a document or article.
Plagiarism can be checked manually or through a plagiarism checker tool. If you are going to check it manually, then you should have a good memory and perfection in the field. But if you are going with the tool then you can do it easily. 


Why use Plagiarism detector tools?

Plagiarism is the increasing threat of nowadays. Therefore, you need to check for the plagiarism. For example, if you order someone to write an article or essay for you then how could you know that it has original and unique content or not. To find this thing you must have to check your article or document or image or video in duplicate content checker.
Advanced Plagiarism detection tool is one of the best online plagiarism checker that you can use to check any duplicate content in your paper. One of the big reason to use plagiarism checker tool is to that it will help you to find sentences that are exact means you can see what the original writer wrote.
Many colleges and universities are using advanced plagiarism checker to find out the duplicate or copy content in student’s assignments, or project paper or thesis. As this duplicate content checker tells the percentage of duplicate contents, therefore university accepts or rejects the paper by percentage of plagiarism found.


How does plagiarism checker tool work?

Duplicate content checker detects identical text. It finds identical sections or strings of words between documents and almost all Plagiarism checker tools work on the same principle.
When you paste your paper or article into the online plagiarism checker, it starts analyzing the whole document and start finding duplicate content if any found. If there is any copy paste content or sentence in the document, it will be highlighted with red line automatically by the tool.
This Advanced Plagiarism Checker tool with analyze your article with Google and many other search engines and mark the area that has copy past sentences. It fetches data from Google and compares your paper with other papers that are available online and give the final results.


How to use Plagiarism Checker offered by SEO Magnifier?

As I already said that Advanced Plagiarism Checker tool is the best tool to check duplicate content. This awesome tool is offered by the SEO Magnifier which is one of the best online tool providers for SEO.

It is very easy to use this tool than all other tools that are available online. Write your article or paper and then check your grammar from the grammar checker available on SEO Magnifier. After that paste, you article into the tool. It will analyze your article and give you the result. It is how you can get plagiarism result of your contents. It will extract essay from your article and compare it with available related articles on Google and give the result.

It is how you can use Plagiarism Checker tool offered by SEO Magnifier. This new and advanced content uniqueness checker tool offered by SEO Magnifier will help you a lot to find plagiarism in your paper or article or thesis. You should have to use this tool to check duplicate content if you want to get high marks in University or want to get high rank in google search bar.