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About Comma Separator

Comma Separator Online Tool by SEOMagnifier is a powerful list to comma separator that helps you convert column to comma separated entities. You can add the data in the columns given in the tool, choose comma from the given delimiters and the tool will automatically separate the data with commas.     

Free Online Comma Separator Tool

When you have a column of information and you want to convert it into comma separated format, our online tool helps you do just that. This tool offers you the complete solution for converting text into comma separated information that you can copy and use any way you want to use.

SEOMagnifier Free Online Comma Separator

Our comma separator online is designed using modern design elements which make this tool easy to use for everyone. Our idea behind the design and development of this tool was to create it in a way that makes the tool ease to use for everyone.

For people who have to deal with a lot of random data on a daily basis and who are looking for an easy way to format their column data for further processing, this comma separator tool can prove to be a valuable asset for them. 

Why use comma separator online?

The online comma separator tool can prove to be quite useful for data processing. For instance, when you have a lot of spreadsheet data that you want to convert to a comma delimited list, this tool can be used for that. You can use comma to serrate your input text using this online tool.   

If you are an SQL developer or you with different programming languages, and you need to write long SQL queries for names or zip codes separated by comma character, you can use this tool to format your query in a fast and efficient way. The comma separator is a very useful as other text tools like the online grammar checker pro to analyze the punctuation for the different 26 languages.

In general, any bulk data formatting task for converting plain text to comma separated terms can be taken care of by this comma delimited online tool.  

Multiple Delimiters to Choose from 

With this software, you can convert column to comma separated format in an easy way. And not just the comma, you can use various other delimiters provided in this tool.

You can choose the following delimiters for separating text

  • Comma
  • Semicolon
  • Bar
  • Spaces
  • New Lines

You add in the text that you want to be separated, you then choose one of these delimiters and the tool takes care of the conversion.  

Features of Free Online Comma Separator Tool

Free to use Comma Adder

This free comma delimited tool is available for everyone without any kind of subscription requirement. There is no need for the users to register themselves or to pay anything for using this tool. This tool can be used for free 24/7. The free use of this tool doesn’t come with any kind of condition or maximum usage limit.

Variety of Delimiter Options

To convert list to comma or other delimiters separated terms, you can use this tool. You can choose from different delimiters that are provided with this tool to process the input data. You get to choose from options like Bar, semicolon, new lines etc. You can choose the one that you want to work with. The comma separated data can be used the way you want to.    

Best Comma Adder Online

This tool is your best choice for a comma separate tool online as the online punctuation checker. We have optimized this tool to work amazingly fast on all devices. It works on most mainstream web browsers and offers accurate performance on all of them. Generated column to comma separated list is easier than ever with the amazing comma separator tool by SEOMagnifier. 

Friendly User Interface

The user interface of this tool has been kept simple and user friendly. We have designed this tool in a way which makes it easier to use for everyone. The user interface of this tool is friendly and easy to understand. The entire navigation experience of the online comma separator has been created to enhance the user experience when using this tool. 

Works on Smartphones as Well

You can use this comma separator easily on your mobile phone as well. You just need a mobile device with an active internet connection for this. Once you have that, you’d be able to use this tool on your smartphone. 

How to use SEOMagnifier's Free Online Comma Separator?

  • First, select comma adding tool.

how to convert list to comma separated online step 1

  • Add the column data in the box on the left side.

how to convert list to comma separated online step 2

  • Choose a delimiter from the menu.

how to convert list to comma separated online step 3

  • Navigate the converter setting from the setting option.

how to convert list to comma separated online step 4

  • Click on the Next arrow to see the result.

how to convert list to comma separated online step 5

  • You can click on the X to remove the input data to start the input process again.

how to convert list to comma separated online step 6

SEOMagnifier Comma Separating FAQs

What is online comma separator?

Online comma separator is an un-delimiter to delimiter converter. In simpler terms, it is a tool by SEOMagnifier that can be used to convert column data or different data formats to a comma separated format.

How to Convert Column to Comma Separated List Online?

The online comma separator by SEOMagnifier is what you need to convert a list of words in a column to comma. It is the best tool for you if you want to convert list to comma.

How to convert excel column to comma separated list?

For converting excel spreadsheet column to comma separated list, add the data in our free comma separator tool. Choose the “,” delimiter from the list and hit enter. This will convert the excel column to comma separated list.       

How do you separate commas?

The online comma separator tool can be used to separate a list of words with commas.

What countries use decimal separator commas?

Some popular countries that use decimal separator commas include

  • Albania
  • Algeria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • Lebanon
  • Poland
  • Sweden etc.

How do you use a comma separator in Excel?

  • Select the column that contains your input list
  • Go to Data and then Text to Columns
  • Choose Delimited and then hit next
  • Choose Comma and the hit next
  • Choose the option General or Text
  • Leave the resulting location as is or choose some other column
  • Hit Finish

What does comma delimited mean?

A comma delimited or a comma separated is a string that is separated using comma delimiters.  

How to use the comma separator tool?

Input the text that you want to convert to comma separated in the left box, choose comma delimiter from the list and hit enter. This is how easily you can use the comma separator tool.