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SEO Tools are widely used by the SEO professionals to save time and to make progress quickly. You can find a lot of tools available on the internet, most of them will be free. The Accuracy and authenticity of these is a big problem that many masters face during their project completion period. SEO MAGNIFIER is dedicated to provide the high-quality SEO services. You can find all kind of Free SEO tools here and all for free. These Tools are of premium quality, so there is no issue for using them to get good results.

Run Your SEO Campaign With More Confidence

Tracking the progress of your keywords is essential to know the position of your website in the search engine and to compare it the competitors. It is also crucial to find the keywords that your competitors used to rank their websites. Here you can find many tools that can help you in this regard and also help you to run a great promotion of your site. These tools also improve your grasp over the topic about which you are doing SEO.

Specifications Of The SEO Magnifier

  • There are numerous benefits of using tools available at this site. Some of them are discussed here below.
  • All tools offered by us are of premium quality and are free, that will allow you to follow your site.
  • The rapid and methodical Keyword Position Checker tool will help you to know how well your keywords are doing in the search engine. It will give you a sound understanding of the steps you need to take next to improve the keyword position.
  • The use of tools at SEO MAGNIFIER e.g., backlink checker, broken link checker, page rank checker, 301 redirect tool will give a new dimension to your site. You will be able to deeply analyze your site and explore it by using these tools.
  • As every SEO expert knows, that contents are the king. So, we have special tools for this purpose. You can use grammar checker to make your article more search engine friendly by removing all the grammatical mistakes. Online Plagiarism checker helps you to find all the plagiarized content source to avoid plagiarism.
  • Word counter tool will help you to count the total words of your article. There are many other writing-related tools like article rewriter, article spinner and rephrase tool available here that will solve your content creating problems by generating the plagiarism free content for your site.

Make Your SEO Work More Easier

  • However, There are many other tools are here that can help you in ranking your site. Another, Google Index Checker helps you to analyze the total number of web pages indexed by the Google.
  • Also, the backlink maker tool available here will help you generate the bulk of backlinks for your web page with one click.
There are many tools, which will help you to resolve your SEO problems. Stay in touch to know the latest tools available at the SEO Magnifier.