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About Text Compare

Compare text online to find the similarities and differences in two different text files using our free Compare Text Online Tool.

What is a online text compare tool?

Compare text online is an advanced text analysis tool that enables you to compare two text files to find similarities and differences in them. If you want to do a text comparison between two pieces of text, then this is the tool for you.

You can check duplicate content on two different files or URLs using our tool.

compare text online

Our tool is free, fast, and efficient. It offers you an engaging UI design that makes it easier for you to see whether the content that you are working with is plagiarized, or not.

Why Use the Online Text Compare Tool?

There are various applications of the Compare Text Online tool in the academic and professional domains. Let’s briefly discuss the need for this tool in all of these different domains.

Check Text for Plagiarism

When you are engaged in a writing project, you often need to take help from existing ideas by presenting them in your way. That is to say, you often have to paraphrase from someone else’s work.

When you paraphrase by giving credit to the original creator, it is a much better way of presenting the idea rather than telling it word by word.

So, when you have created your piece of written content, you can pass the source and the paraphrased content through the Compare Text Online tool.

Our tool is going to give you the similarities between the source and your content. This way, you can see how much of the content is copied word by word.

Create Unique SEO Content

SEO success requires you to come up with unique and engaging content. There is no room for plagiarism in creating SEO content. If you have outsourced the content creation process, you can use the Compare Text Online tool to compare two different documents for plagiarism.

Our incredible document similarity checker offers you an effective approach to comparing PDF files, compare Word documents, and compare text documents.

You can also use the Tiny Text Generator to generate unique and engaging text for informal usage.

Create Unique Academic Essays and Reports

Academic work requires you to take help from paraphrasing a lot. So, if you want to generate unique content from an already existing one, you can use the Compare Text Online to find differences and similarities in your text files or word document.

You can compare the side of your different files by side to check for plagiarized content in the text documents. The text compare tool is far superior to most of the diff checker tools out there. You can use our tool to compare documents.

How to Compare Two Text Files Using Our tool?

Here is how you can use our text compare tool:

  • Visit our website and look for the Compare Text Online Tool.

How to compare text online step 1

  • Upload the two different document files that you want to compare.

How to compare text online step 2

  • Or enter the two different URLs to compare the text from the URL.

How to compare text online step 3

  • Or Copy the source and paraphrase the piece of text in their respective text boxes.

How to compare text online step 4

  • Click Compare button to start the text comparison.

How to compare text online step 5

  • The result will be shown in a matter of seconds.

How to compare text online step 6

SEOMagnifier's Text Compare Tools Best Features

100% Free to Use

The Compare Text Online tool is a fast and powerful text comparison software that is 100% free to use. You can use our tool for free to find similarities and differences between different pieces of text. The Reverse Text Generator and all the other tools available at SEOMagnifier our free as well.

There are no usage limitations with our text difference checker tool. You can use it to compare different text files to see the text that has been poorly paraphrased or copied in the files.

Easy to Use

Compare Text Online stands out in a way that it offers an engaging UI design. Unlike most free text comparison tools, our app works great for everyone. The user-friendly design of the website makes it easier for you to compare different text files.

The UI is quite interactive like the Text to Image Generator tool by SEO Magnifier. You can use the tool on your phone as well as your PC. This is what makes our Compare Text Online tool better than other options out there.

Advanced Text Analysis

The advanced text analysis features of the tool give you an accurate comparison between different text files. The tool works great like the Text to Speech Converter by SEOMagnifier.

There are not many tools out there that work the same way in terms of performance. The incredible accuracy of the compare text online tool is unparalleled.

No Software Installation Needed

You can use the Compare Text Online tool in a web browser. This tool works in a web browser and there is no need to install any kind of additional software for using the tool.

As the Text to Binary converter by SEOMagnifier, there is no need for you to install any app other than a standard web browser for using the compare text online tool.

Safe & Secure

Our text compare tool online works on the latest standard of security and privacy. We want to ensure that you have a great experience when using our free tool.

This is why we have made the tool safe and secure using the latest security technologies, like the Image to Text Converter. Our tool doesn’t save your input information and it gets deleted from our servers once you are done using the tool.

SEOMagnifier Compare Text Online FAQs

How To Compare Two Text Files?

You can upload the files in our Compare Text Online tool to do the text comparison between two text files.

How Do I Compare Two Texts?

You can copy and paste the texts in the Compare Text Online tool. This will do a side by side comparison between the two text files.

How Do You Check The Similarity Between Two Texts?

You can use a text comparison tool such as the Compare Text Online by SEOMagnifier to check the similarity between two texts.

Is Text Compare Safe?

Yes, the text compare is a safe and secure piece of software that you can use to compare two different text files.

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Text Messages Online?

You can copy and paste the different text messages in the Compare Text Online tool to check the differences between the messages.