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Sentence Rewriter

Paste (Ctrl + V) your content in the input box, then click submit to watch the AI rewriter do the job!

About Sentence Rewriter

Master the Craft of Article Rewriting with our free ai writing tool! The sentence rewriter online is a free paraphrasing tool by SEO Magnifier that would allow you to reword a sentence, paragraph and even entire essays quickly. This tool keeps the tone of the content natural and produces quality content that engages the reader. 

Sentence rewriter – Simple AI Solution for Text Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is the art of taking an idea and expressing it in your own words so that people can read it from a different point of view which might make them understand the idea a little bit better. You can reword content manually or you can use free online paraphrasing tools for this purpose.   

Free Sentence Rewriter Online

Rewording or paraphrasing content manually can take hours. And if you are on a deadline and you can’t seem to make time for paraphrasing, going to a free ai rewriter tool is your best bet.

This is where our magical sentence rewording tool comes into play. With this free tool, you’d be able to reword content of any length that you want, easily.      

0% Plagiarism Sentence rewriter

Creating unique content consistently is not easy. Every freelance content writer and search engine optimization expert and professional writers are aware of it. Using paraphrasing tools can give you an easy way to develop new ideas to rewrite the content. You can use these tools for avoiding plagiarism to create free high quality content in a short amount of time.

When you have hit writer’s block and you can’t seem to find decent words to rewrite an idea, our free online Sentence changer Generator tool will help you rewrite your content in an effective way and would generate unique articles after strict grammar checking. Avoiding plagiarism in content is now easier than ever.        

Complete Essay rewriter

Do you have an essay that you want to rewrite? Great! The Sentence Rewriter Tool by SEO Magnifier can help you do exactly that. Just copy and paste your essay in this tool and it will take care of the rest. 

Paragraph rewriter

Sometimes you are writing an essay and you just don’t like a certain part of it. You know that you could’ve said it in a better way, still you can’t seem to find the right words for it.

You can copy and paste the original text of your essay in this tool and once the processing is done, you’ll see more ways you can write the same content in a much better way.

Benefits of SEOMagnifier AI Sentence Rewriter Online

100% Plagiarism Free Content: Online Sentence rewriter by SEO Magnifier will help you come up with 100% unique and plagiarism free content. With this tool, the content generated would be totally unique sentence and would still look totally normal. Paraphrase online easily with our best paraphraser tool.

Easy to use Web App: This tool is an easy-to-use web app that works on most platforms. You can use this app on Windows PC, Mac, and even mobile devices. The ease of use of this tool is what makes it stand out.  

Free to Use: Getting tired of paying for content rewriter services? Try out our free article rewriter tool for free. We don’t charge our users anything for using these basic free Tools. 

Rich Library of Unique Words: Our free Sentence rewriting tool contains a massive library of rare words that it uses to paraphrase the word or phrase in the original content in a natural way. The content generated via this tool would look and feel completely natural as if a human being had reworded it.  

No Installation Required: This tool works on our super-fast Web servers and it doesn’t need to be installed on your PC. You just need a web browser and an active internet connection for using this tool.

How to use SEOMagnifier’s Online Sentence rewriter?

How to rewrite sentence online step 1

  • Select the languageWrite your Content in the Textbox.

How to rewrite sentence online step 2

  • Write your Content in the Textbox.

How to rewrite sentence online step 3

  • You can also copy and paste the content.

How to rewrite sentence online step 4

  • Click the "rewrite sentence now" or "click submit" button to begin processing.

How to rewrite sentence online step 5

  • Output content would be shown to you after processing.

How to rewrite sentence online step 6

  • You can also check the plagiarism as well just by the "Check For Plagiarism" option If you want to analyze.

How to rewrite sentence online step 7

  • Download the rewritten content document in the text file. 

How to rewrite sentence online step 8

SEOMagnifier’s Sentence Rewriter Generator FAQS

What is the AI Sentence rewriter Online Tool?

The free online sentence rewriting tool is a powerful online web app by SEO Magnifier that allows you to generate unique content in an easy and simple way. This tool paraphrases the content while maintaining its natural tone.   

Is there a website that will reword sentences?

Yes, SEO Magnifier is the best website with many content paraphrasing and article rewriting tools that can be used to reword sentences. 

Is there an app that can reword sentences?

The English sentences rewriter tool by SEO Magnifier is a Web App that can reword sentences in a natural manner. Unlike most article spinner tools, this tool can be used to reword single words, sentences, paragraphs and even a large amount of text.

How do you rewrite an article without plagiarizing?

You can manually rewrite it while changing the words with synonyms and the sentence structure a little bit. You can also use the SEO Magnifier essay rewriter for easily rewriting essays and articles without Plagiarism.     

How do you rewrite something in your own words?

You need to have a rich vocabulary and a comprehensive language understanding. You take a piece of writing to extract its idea and the points discussed in it, and then you go on and rewrite it in your way.