Text To Speech Converter Benefits For Marketing Your Business

Text to speech converter is an online free tool that is used to convert an unlimited amount of text to high-quality mp3 format. With this tool, you can convert any kind of written text into spoken words. Almost all the websites that we usually encounter are all text-based.

Although text content is an important ranking factor, it is becoming too mainstream and now people are turning over to the audio representation of their documents in order to make it more appealing and attractive.

Using simple text is not the best way to engage a huge number of people now. It doesn’t matter how much information your content contains, it’s useless if people don’t even read it.

benefits of text to speech converter

The seomagnifier text to speech online free unlimited is what you need to convert your text to high-quality mp3. This is an astonishingly powerful tool for creating an audio copy of your content. On top of that, it is absolutely free to use. You don’t have to download any kind of plugin or buy a subscription.

Most of the text to speech converters that are available online are all paid and you need to buy them but that is not the case with our text to audio converter. Just access the tool and start using it for absolutely free.

Why Use Text to Speech Converter For Marketing Purpose?

1. Convert Unlimited Text To Mp3

Text to Speech online is equally useful for both the website owners as well the content consumers. You can convert text to speech whenever and as much as you want to. There is no limitation whatsoever. For content writers, this tool helps them maximize the accessibility of their content for people with learning disabilities.

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With this tool, you can make your content available to people who have a different native language. These people might understand spoken words but they cannot understand written content. They can use this tool to understand your content.

2. Makes your content easier to access

Older people are having a hard time adjusting to the way things are being done now specifically in the online world. When it comes to surfing the web, most of the seniors are totally blank with the process. This tool makes it easy for them to understand your content. You need to make things easy for your content consumers and this tool can help you with that.

3. Presents your content in an appealing way

You can also engage even totally illiterate people with our free text to voice. These are the people who have basic knowledge of reading and writing. They often find it hard to browse the web because they feel overwhelmed with all the text-based information.

This makes it hard for them to get the valuable information that could save them a lot of time. This tool can help add value to them as well. They are also a part of the online community and they deserve to get the information they need in an easy way.

4. The most powerful text to speech converter

With our text to speech voices, you can convert your text document into high-quality mp3 for free. There is no limit to the amount of text that you convert. This tool enhances the attractiveness of your content by changing it to mp3. If you are getting bored of reading that Old-Fashioned text-based content then you should defiantly check out this tool.

SEO Magnifier text to mp3 tool brings new life to your text-based content. It has many incomparable features. It has a user-friendly interface so that you can easily convert text to mp3. This tool doesn’t need any kind of log-in in or any kind of sign up.

It doesn’t need any kind of downloading and installation. You can convert your text into a number of languages like English, Arabic, Urdu etc. Unlike other text to speech online free where you have to pay in order to get an audio copy of your document, you can use this tool for free.

Text To Speech Converter Features: –

Text to mp3 unlimited converter tool is packed with some really brilliant features.

  • Converts text to speech in no minutes
  • Unlimited Conversion
  • Allows pause and resume
  • Convert text to speech in more than 25 languages
  • Doesn’t require any kind of download

How to use the SEOMagnifier text to talk converting tools?

Unlike other online text to speech converters, our tool is really easy to use. This is how it works

  • Just your content and then paste it in the given window.

text to speech converter online free

  • That’s all that you need to do in order to move your content from your document into our tool.

text to speech converter online free unlimited

  • Once the content is copied, click that Play button and there, you have just created your own speech file from your document.

text to speech converter online converting

  • This tool also gives pause and resume


  • You can also download the converted file.

text to speech converter online free

Final Words: Digital marketers today need to realize that there is more than one way to present your idea. Some people just don’t like to go through huge content. It’d be so much better to give them an opportunity to go through your content the way they want to. This is what our text to audio converter is for.

This tool allows them to go through large text-based content in the easiest way possible. The scope of this tool’s advantages is quite huge and it is up to you to figure out how you can make the most out of it. Use this tool and make your content more appealing and attractive.

14 Factors To Get Website Penalized in 2019

Search Engines like Google always try their best to improve user experience by accurately responding to their queries. And for that, they keep coming up with new algorithms to serve their users in the best way possible. With the number of searches being made increasing every day, there is also a risk to the crucial and inherently genuine data. And in order to protect that data, Search Engines have laid out a ground set of rules. If you don’t follow the policy guidelines properly then get ready to be kicked out of the race or in Online World’s terms, get ready to be penalized.

14 Factors To Get Website Penalized in 2019

How To Get Website Penalized in 2019?

In order to avoid Google Penalties first, you have got to know what the boundaries are that search engines especially Google has defined. Here are 14 Factors Collected by SEO Magnifier team that might get you penalized.

1.      Bad Links

Bad or unnatural linking refers to the quality and quantity of links that are coming towards from your website and the ones that are going out of your site. This includes placing links in an unnatural fashion or connection to suspicious websites.

2.      Content Manipulation

Content Manipulation is related to all the tricks that you try to pull on search engines. This includes

  • Content Scrapping
  • Shallow Content
  • Content Spamming
  • Content Spinning
  • Automatically generated Content

These are just some of the content hazards that you need to watch out for. Violating these boundaries would surely get you penalized.      

3.      Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is about unnatural placing of the keywords in your content as well as the Meta Data of your website. Keyword stuffing was supposed to be one of the most commonly used SEO techniques but it has become totally obsolete now. And doing this could get your website penalized.

You can use our best meta tags analyzer tool to check your website’s Meta information for the signs of keywords stuffing and other anomalies that might affect your west negatively.

4.      Website Cloaking

Website Cloaking is a cheap and dangerous search engine manipulation technique that shows a different version of your website to the user and Google. But thanks to the latest algorithms being used by Google, cloaking is easily detectable and could get your website penalized. Google promotes honesty and it is advised that you stay honest in your approach as well. 

5.      Comments Spamming

Comment spamming through profile and forms commenting is extremely prohibited. Comment back linking is probably one of the fastest ways to earn backlinks but doing it in an unnatural fashion negatively affect your website.

6.      Piracy Takedowns

Pirated material on your website could get you panelized. When Google receives multiple privacy violation requests for a particular page then removing the content is one thing, Google could also penalize your website. Always try and respect the copyright of the material that you are planning on sharing.

7.      Overdoing it with Anchor Text

Overusing anchor text to maintain page authority was normal a few years ago but since the penguin update, this is also extremely prohibited. And it makes you eligible for Google Penalty.

8.      Slow Responsiveness

Your website’s loading speed as well as the responsiveness also determines whether it gets taken down by Google or not. If your website is taking too much time to load then it’s only a matter of time it gets taken down by Google.

9.      Poor Mobile Design

Since Google already has introduced Mobile First Indexing which states that the website performing well on mobile devices would be given the priority over the websites which don’t have a mobile browser version, not having a well optimized mobile version of your website would negatively affect your website’s ranking. 

10. Availability of sitemap data

If you haven’t submitted and don’t regularly update your sitemap data to Google then it could get you a Google penalty anytime. Google analyzes the sitemap data that you submit to Google via webmaster tools to schedule the crawling process of your website and in turn the indexing of your website.  Make sure that your sitemap data is regularly updated and sent to Google.   

11. Paid Linking

Buying fake links for your website might benefit you in the short term but could severely affect your website in the long run. Google always prefers organic traffic that comes to your page for determining your rank. Paid links are just there for the money and have no intentions of staying there. Once the initial effect lifts off, your website would start to de-rank and might get taken down. 

12. Plagiarized Content

Content Plagiarism is one of the most hated things by Google. Stealing someone else’s work and then showing it as your own is morally wrong and punishable. This is what the search engines believe as well. Whatever you do, don’t ever resort to plagiarizing content unless you want to get penalized, you can use the best online plagiarism checker tool analyze the plagiarized content to avoid the duplicate content penalty.  

13. Penguin

Penguin is a link analysis algorithm that is developed by Google to analyze the quality, quantity and frequency of the links that are coming in and going out of your website. This algorithm is quite powerful and tricking it is almost next to impossible. Make sure you don’t do any suspicious activity while building links or prepared to get caught by the penguin.

14. Website Continuously Timing out

If your website keeps timing out then it is only a matter of time it gets penalized. There could be many reasons for slowing down like poor website design with many, many ads that make it hard for your website to load up. Whatever the reason may be, you need to do a serious reevaluation of your website’s performance if you want to maintain your rank.      

Final Words: Search Engines expect that you respect their policies. If you try to go for the work-arounds then you can get in a boatload of trouble. That is because tricking Search Engines is not as easy as it once was. With updates in the Google algorithms for analyzing links and local search queries etc. it is quite hard to play games with search engines.

The best way to maintain trust with Google and other search engines is to stay honest in your approach. And if you don’t stay honest then website penalization is the only option left for Google and other search engines. 

5 key Factors for an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign in 2019

Digital Marketing is going through a massive shift as we are entering the new year. 2019 brought in a lot of new methods and techniques that made a big difference in the effectiveness of the average digital marketing campaign. And now, online business has come to the point where the importance of an effective Digital Marketing Campaign cannot be neglected. Even if you want to advertise your real word physical products, you would still need to use online forums because they allow you to target a bigger and relevant audience with higher chances of conversion.


SEO and Digital Marketing technologies are evolving at a rapid pace and the new year is going to bring a lot of new techniques for engaging prospective clients. The website owners who best manage to keep their users interested in their business are going to dominate. And for that, you need brand new and effective ideas that can give you the edge over your competitors.

Here are 5 key Factors for an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign in 2019.

1. Video content is 10x more effective

The number one factor out of the 5 key factors for an effective digital marketing campaign in 2019 is obviously enough, the Video Content.  Whatever numbers you look at, whether it be consumer surveys or business reports, they all claim that video content has proven to add significant value to them. For average consumers, it is being stated that over 70% of YouTube users are engaged with YouTube videos at any given time. This shows just how strong this medium can be if you strategically use it for your digital marketing campaign.

Video content is astonishingly engaging. Many people have claimed that watching a brand video helps them a lot in making their buying decisions. This doesn’t mean that YouTube is the only medium that you can use to promote your brands. Other social media forums like Facebook and Instagram now also support video content. Especially with the latest features like live video, you can reach out to your audience and let them know about your latest products and services. In short, strategic video content must definitely be a part of your digital marketing campaign for 2019.

2. Consistently Produce high-quality content

The producing high-quality engaging content is extremely crucial. It is quite tedious to come up with new ideas about products and services but it is definitely worth it. And now you don’t have to resort only to the text-based content anymore. You can use the online paraphrasing tools and images, sounds and videos to create appealing content that makes your users stay on your forum longer than your competitors. Quality content was, is and will always be important.

3. Focus on Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the new face of an effective Digital Marketing Strategy. In case you don’t know about it, influencer Marketing is about finding someone who has great pre-established influence and then collaborating with them for a common goal. It could just be about having an influencer say something about your business but having someone who is an influencer and shares the same goals as you, is more ideal. There are mainly two benefits for having influencer marketing as a part of your digital marketing mix

  • Increases your visibility and reach
  • Increases your brand positioning
  • Content Credibility
  • Help do more sales

Influencer Marketing is not about having a person or brand with a big following to say something about you just because they are being paid to do so. Influencer Marketing should be sincere and authentic. Your influencer should be the one who speaks about you because they find your forum interesting. They should be the ones who have the same goals and values as you. When an influencer speaks about your products and how useful they are, it creates a positive brand image in the mind of your prospective customers. If done right, influencer marketing can yield great results.

4. Use social media platforms as leverage

If you have started an online startup and you haven’t devised any Social Media Marketing strategy for it then it is just like opening a business and not telling anyone about it. How crazy is that? Social Media platforms can help you actively engage your existing clients as well attract more new clients. Here are some of the advantages of using Social Media Platforms as a part of your Digital Marketing strategy

  • Helps build and Manage Reputation
  • Building new connections
  • Increases Brand loyalty
  • Improves brand positioning
  • Increases Sales

Let’s take Facebook as an example. Reports show that a huge number of Facebook users are adults who are aged more than 50. Now for a brand targeting senior folks, this is a great opportunity. Social Media platforms are becoming an intrinsic part of the lives of the average population and using these forums strategically, you can add massive value to your business.


5. Implementation of AI and Chatbots

Strategic use of AI is going to be an important factor which is going to determine the success of your business in 2019. According to SalesForce, more than 50% of online business are already using some form of Ai in their business and the numbers are going to increase drastically in 2019.

One of the most prominent instances of AI is the use of chatbots for handling user FAQs. These chatbots are redefining the way in which customers used to interact with the brands. With enhanced learning abilities, these bots are going to be one of the most important part of online business of any kind.

Conclusion: Follow the seo magnifier guide about creating an effective digital marketing strategy depends on the type of your business but there are certain things that are common for every startup. The insights that have been described above can define the success of your business in 2019 and if you manage to properly incorporate them in your digital marketing mix, they can yield great results.

5 SEO Trends That Are Going To Dominate In 2019

The biggest challenge that an SEO expert has to face is to adapt to the new changes that search engines are bringing every day. Especially with Google, because of the recent massive advancements in the searching and indexing algorithms, the search engine had become quite intelligent. Ranking a website is not that easy now as it was back in the day. But just like any other systems, there are certain trends that are effective and if you follow them, you’ll get better results.

5 SEO trends that are going to dominate in 2019

As the new year is approaching, SEO practitioners are wondering what are going to be the most dominating trends for 2019. It is always good to be prepared beforehand for what is about to come. Here are the top 7 SEO trends and practices that are going to dominate in 2017.


1. Google Voice Search: The new face of Mobile Surfing

Analysts have predicted that by 2020, about 50% of the active devices would be using Voice Search for their queries. Google reports that there has been an enormous increase the voice search inputs. They say that about every 5th query on mobile devices is being made via voice search so it is safe to assume that Voice Search is going to be the new face of mobile surfing.


Now you need to think about ways in which you can use this technology to your advantage. This should definitely be a part of your SEO Strategy for 2019. One thing that you can do is to focus more on long-tail keywords because while doing a voice search this is more likely to be anticipate possible user queries.


2. Mobile First indexing

For 2019 you need to start focusing on mobile first approach for your SEO. It is obvious that most websites today are being accessed through smartphone devices, mainly because it is more convenient that using a desktop. Google has even introduced the mobile First indexing because of an enormous increase in the number of mobile searches and google index pages checker tool is used to determine whether the page is index or not. Meaning, if your webpage is only desktop based then the indexing is being done under normal conditions but if your webpage is desktop + mobile then the mobile index is also added which means that your webpage has a higher chance of getting indexed.


It is clear that Google would be deciding about the rank of your website by analyzing its mobile version. This doesn’t mean that the desktop-based websites are obsolete now, this just means that an optimized mobile based website has a higher chance of getting ranked on Google Search engine.


3. Featured Snippets

Feature snippets are a great of giving your users exactly what they need almost instantly. And there is nothing more important to Google then answering the queries to a user in the minimum time possible. Featured snippets are going to be a very important part for answering search queries in 2019. Features snippets basically display a smart portion of your website with the results of the user query. But for that to happen, your page needs to be extremely trustworthy for Google.


Putting question-answer sequences on your page and displaying information via tables is good way of making your way to featured snippets. You need to be creative about the content you put in and the way in which you display it in your website.


4. User Intent Optimization is going to be the major focus

Modern SEO is becoming more and more about user intent optimization rather than the search engine optimization. Every digital marketer knows that if they want their content i.e. products, services and information to reach out to the appropriate audience, then they need to find out what their audience is and how are they searching for the products that you are selling. User Intent Optimization is just a fancy term for the process of giving your targeted audience exactly what they need

User intent optimization is not about having popular keywords on your website, it is about having the right ones. Think of it in this way, consider yourself as the user of your website. Now, what keywords would you use to search the products that you are selling? This is the key factor that you need to keep in mind. There is no other way to do it. You need to take your time and research properly to see if your keyword is strong enough to attract your targeted audience.


5. Highly structured and organized content

Content is the king and this fact won’t be changing for a while as far as the future of SEO is concerned. Although Google has introduced many new algorithms but the fact still remains that Google analyzes content and check the relevancy of the content for indexing. Your content needs to be unique and relevant.

Content quality is extremely crucial. Having enormous paragraphs just to have more content on your page is not a good idea. You should always try to stay on topic and provide your audience with exactly what they need. The competition in Content marking is really high so it won’t be easy to some up with unique and high-quality content but if you manage to do that, this will give you a great edge over your competition. In 2019, focus on producing high quality, engaging content which adds more value to your focused audience as compared to your competitors.


What the future of SEO is going to be in 2019??

These SEO trends according to seo magnifier team are going to change drastically in 2019 and it only makes sense because of the huge changes that search engines are bringing every day. The trends that have been mentioned above are enough to give you a good start in 2019. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that website optimization is going to be all about producing relevant and enriching content that creates the best user experience. No old tricks and shortcuts would work now thanks to the new and powerful algorithms implemented by Search Engines. So, keep working hard and keep a close eye on changing trends as you continue your SEO journey this year.


How to Speak German: The Fastest Way to Learn German

The German Language is considered the most difficult language. Whenever I met with the tourist or language lovers who love to learn different languages of the world most of them declare the German language is most difficult.


According to people who came to find work in German or to visit it as tourist have a view that German Grammar is much difficult as compared to other languages? And it is true because German Grammar contains very long words that need to be learned.

How to Speak German?

But! There are some other words that are too easy that make this language easy to learn for Non-German people.

Here in This guide, I tried to share some easy steps that I followed and learned German. Following these steps hopefully, you will be able to learn this language quickly and easily and can also give the answer to the question “Do you speak German in German?”.

Find out why you want to learn the German Language?

The first step in learning a language is to know the reason behind learning it. What is your purpose or need to learn a language?

You need to find the reason of speaking German before taking any step. It is much crucial steps to learn a language. There may be numerous reasons behind it but you have t be clear about it before taking German learning course or material to study.

Followings are some reasons that may be Your Big Why to learn German as language.

  • You have family Members who speak German and you want to have a conversation with them in this language.
  • You are a tourist and want to travel to the heart of Europe where you will find the natives, so it important to learn this language to have a great conversation with them.
  • You are a literature lover and want to read some amazing classic German Literature.
  • You are culturist and want to know about the German culture.
  • There will be some other reason for you to learn German, just find it and mark it as your big why to learn German.

Language Hacks Used to learn German Fast.

Every language has it hacks that make it easy for the beginners to learn it and have full grip on the given language.

Followings are some my favorite hacks that will help you learn German in fast and easy way.

  • Use SRS (Spaced Repetitions System) to learn it. Spaces Repetitions System is one of the world’s best systems to learn vocabulary and phrases of a language. It is the most effective way that can be use to learn a new vocabulary.
  • The second hack that you can use in learning a language is use of Mnemonics. Mnemonics will let you to associate and recall the German words. The best way to do this is the use of imagination.
  • Pomodor Technique is the one that will allow you to focus on your study. In this technique study period is divided into small laps of time. It will improve the focus and result in effective learning experience.

1. Make your home look like Germany:

The third tip to learn this language is to make your home look like mini Germany. It doesn’t mean to change your home furniture with German furniture. It means change of your computer language to bilingual or German Language. It is probably the best way to learn German.

You can also find a teacher in your city who teaches German Language. Believe it, there are multiple German communities who are living around the one and you can find one for yourself.

Start watching German television shows and movies. Start them watching with subtitles and then make sure to watch them without subtitles by the passage of time.

Listening is the most effective way for learning German fast. Researcher says that if you want to learn a new language that is not your native then listen it carefully. More you listen more will you understand and more will you learn.

2. Use set of phrases that act as connectors:

German language uses repeated words or phrases that acts as conversational connectors. These connectors are used in daily life conversation and one cannot find it in any phrasebook.

When i was introduced to the conversational connectors by a friend some years ago i got astonished. I found it the best way to speak that makes you much like native. Conversational connector’s means don’t end your answer with just one word. For example if someone ask you how’s your hotel then don’t just answer it “yeah it’s good”. Instead of it make your answer longer like yeah you asked a good question, well my hotel room is good. Thank you for your concern. Well how’s your hotel room?

Conversational connectors are the best that you can use in multiple situations like arguing with someone or when someone is opposing your point of view.

3. Speak German from day one:

After listening speaking the second most important thing that you need do if you are willing to fully overcome a language. Reading and writing is not enough if you are planning to visit a country where German is the official language and its native of the people lived there.

You need to start speaking this language from the day one. You can do this by standing in front of mirror or by recording you voice. The best way to do it is to talk with a native. You can find a persona whose native language is German by searching it in your city. You can also find a friend on social media or in real life you is willing to help you.

There are many online forums who teach to speak German Language and charge some bucks in return. Search on the Google and there you will find multiple meets up that are offering Learning of German language on regular basis. Go through a proper research and select one and go on with that for the good results.

4. Learn easy parts first:

It is where many people make a mistake. They want to start the language from the start including both hard and easy parts that make them frustrated. They thought it as a very hard language and consider it to be a waste of time.

If you are serious in learning in new language then go for it easy parts first. You don’t need to go into deep grammar and learn it. You can start with the daily phrases and famous stances.

German is much easier language than many other of world. There are numerous reasons that make it easy to learn. Some of them are listed below.

  • Like Thai and Chinese language German has no tones.
  • There are no liaisons in German Language which you can find in French.
  • There are many same letters are present in it unlike Japanese and Korean but like in English.
  • No preposition like thing is found in this language which you can find in other languages like Hungarian.
  • Moreover German is a phonetic language that means you don’t need to learn how to pronounce a word. You can easily do it once you see spelling of a German language word.

5. Learn German Language using modern technology:

Technology nowadays is so much advanced that you can do almost everything by using it. Use it in your learning and enhance you capability. Using technology means use of videos and audios.

You can use German movies, songs, Tele shows or can get online video courses that will help you in learning German language. You can use social media for learning this amazing language. Social which is followed by billions of people around the world where you can multiple people like, make them friends and get mutual benefits from them.

6. Practice Daily:

Most people thought that practice does not need in learning a new language which is wrong. It is an admitted fact that no matter how much a thing is easy to do if does not practice it daily then you will not be able to have full control on it. So, add practice of German language in your daily routine and act on it strictly.

You do not need to give a lot time to practice. Only 10-15 minutes a day are enough and you can see a visible change after some days. Practice includes speaking and writing of the German Language daily, so that, you can speak it with proud in front of your family members.

7. How long does it take to learn German?

Well! Learning a language is nearly depending on the interest level of the person who is willing to learn. There are many other factors like practice, making corrections, using hacks but the one that is above all is the interest. If you do not have your mind learning the German language than it will too long to learn or you may never learn it.
But if you want to learn it by all means than you can learn in few days. It’s purely depending on you that what you want when you want.  Once you decide you are ready to go.

8. Use of German Grammar Checker:

If you still find some difficulty in German Grammar than you can make use of internet and can find many online grammar checker tools that will let you make your German Grammar accurate and help you in learning this language with correct Grammar.  One of the best grammar checkers is German Grammar Checker offered by the SEOmagnifier.

9. German Grammar Checker by SEOmagnifier:

The online world is full of fake German Grammar Checker that will increase your headache and lowered your passion to learn a new language. In this world of fake software’s/applications, there is one Grammar checker which is offered by a well-known SEO tools company. It is much reliable and accurate one.

This German Checker will allow you check the paragraph or essay that you write in German for grammar mistakes. It will ultimately increase your understanding towards German Grammar and you will make fewer mistakes than before.

10. How to use this tool?

It is a free tool that cost you nothing expect your little time that you may lose by searching fake grammar apps. It is the fastest way to learn German Grammar.

To use this you just simply need to go to SEO Magnifier. There you can see a list of tools that are used by multiple online users for different purposes. Search for German Grammar in the search box or you can get access by clicking this.

Once you access to the tool you just need to paste your essay into the box shows on screen. Then press the check button and this tool will start doing his job. It highlights the grammar mistakes and allows you to make corrections by selecting the options given there.

This tool is gift and ultimate hack to improve your grammar or to make your essays grammar free if you are German language student. It is a reliable tool that gives 100% accurate result and a chance to make your text free of grammar mistakes.

Final Words: Now you have read the ultimate guide to learn German in which I discuss steps or ways that I personally followed and got result in days instead of months. All these steps are the basic and considered as first step in learning a language. Once you follow them you will have much grip on the German Language and it will no longer a mystery for you.

After acting upon these steps you will not consider the German language as hard one and you will love to learn it. You can also teach you friends after learning it first.

I tried to give all the answers and hacks about learning a German language. Hopefully you like it and give it a worth reading.  Thanks a lot for you time and concern to us. Please leave us a comment if you like this Guide to learning German language in easy steps.

The 10 Best Hacks to learn Spanish Fast

The Spanish Language is not as difficult as it considered to be as comparing it to other languages.  If your first language is English there are some rules in Spanish that will feel you strange. But there is no need to be the worry as there are the 10 best hacks to learn Spanish fast that can be used to learn the Spanish language and grammar in less time.

This Ultimate Guide to Spanish will help you to understand this amazing language in an easy way.

There are multiple ways to learn the Spanish language. But there is one important thing that you must consider before starting the process of learning anything. Nothing is as difficult including grammar, lots of words to remember. These things will never slow you down, the thing which is behind the success in learning any language including Spanish is practice. “Practice makes a man perfect”.

1. Daily Practice

Practice the Grammar daily. Include it in your routine and do it as you do other work like eating food, drinking Juice etc. Ones made some progress by practicing in routine but what if he stops it for a longer period than ultimately he will lose what he learned.

The learning process will get slowed. It will take more time than the normal to complete the Spanish Grammar.

The Secret to learn Spanish grammar is the daily practice. It does not need to be long for hours. Just give a little time to practice some Spanish Grammar Basics and you are ready to go.

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The basic thing that you need is the regular exposure to what you learn. Now comes to the Spanish grammar rules. Here are two approaches that will help you a lot in learning this language.

2. Language Hacking

There is a famous observation by an Italian Economist “Pareto” which is known as 80/20. It means that 80% of the world’s wealth is in hands of 20% of the population. Same is applied in the Spanish language as it contains around 100,000 words and most of them are those which are mostly not used in daily life.

A recent study shows that out of these words 1000 words are those which are used 87.8% in spoken language. That’s means if you learn only 1% of the Spanish Vocabulary then you will be able to understand and use this language.

3. Using SEO Magnifier Grammar Checker For Spanish

SEO Magnifier Spanish checker is a web-based tool designed to correct the Spanish grammar errors, spellings, punctuations and mistakes with a single click.

Here is how to use the Spanish grammar correction tool.

1. First of all, go to the spanish spell and grammar checker tool page and select the Spanish text file that you have practiced.


2. Another, directly copy the content from your files and paste into the below box like as follows.


3. Select the “Spanish” language or it will be automatically select as soon you will upload the document file or paste the text.


4. Check for the Spanish grammary just buy press the “check spanish grammar” button.


5. After selecting the “Spanish” language it will show the grammar, spelling mistakes. Just apply your favorite suggestions and that’s it.

4. Mastery Approach

Mastery Approach is a long-term process in which regular practice will improve your grammar and efficiency in the Spanish Language. This approach should only to be considered if someone wants to live in a Spanish country as it requires much time and regular practice.

5. What do you want? Learn Spanish Or Speak Spanish

The first question that arises is that what ‘s someone wants from the Spanish language? Are they willing to learn it or they want to speak this language with friends and family? If someone is only willing to learn the Spanish then there are multiple ways that can be accessed for this purpose.

It may include Apps, TV shows, Audio course, Radio classes, software’s, textbooks, reading and group classes. But if someone want to speak Spanish than he needs to do some hard work which may include meetups, exchange of languages, daily practice with friends who know Spanish. According to the language experts, learning a new language is more than just reading.

6. Grammar Checker Tools For Spanish

IF you remember the 80/20 rule which is discussed above than you should know how to hack the Spanish language. There are around one hundred thousand words used in Spanish Grammar vs. English grammar.

Out of these three hundred are those that are commonly used and make the 68% of the grammar of the Spanish language. One thousand words are those that make almost 88% of the grammar.

That means you just need to learn and practice few words on daily basis and you are good to go with the Spanish language.

You just do not need to remember each and every word, start with the common one practice that word and choose the words which you are going to be useful for you.

There are some advanced grammar rules but these rules are nor often used, so consider the words that used mostly and conjugations.

7. Online resources for Spanish grammar

There are a number of resources available to learn the Grammar. This is one of the big reasons due to which many people fail to learn the basics of Spanish Grammar.

Some people choose more than one way of learning and end with nothing. Therefore, before starting leaning make a decision and pick only one way of learning and focused on it.

8. Why Software’s and Apps don’t work?

You can find a number of applications that claim the learning of the Spanish Grammar. But none of them actually work.

Did you any of you family member or friend who learned speaking the Spanish Language by using the applications of software’s?

Most probably the answer is No, why is it so?

9. Apps For the Spanish Language

The main reason behind that is they follow the traditional way of learning that you followed in you Spanish class in your schools. Filling in the blanks or choosing a correct answer from the multiple answers doesn’t make you the expert.

They the basic thing that is much needed to learn a new language and that a person to talk. One needs to speak the Spanish language to the real people.

10. Speak Spanish As Much You Can

More time you spend speaking the Spanish with people that more soon you learn. Spend more time having real conservation as it the best and oldest way of learning a language that is practiced for thousands of years.

Final Words: Here in this article 10 ways to learn Spanish fast, seo magnifier team tried best to give you a basic understanding of Spanish grammar and language and different ways through which you can hack the language and learn in less time.

The more you practice more you learn. Chose a simple way of learning the Spanish language and go for the common words that are used mostly then try to practice is daily.

Try to speak the language with your friends and try to give their answers in the Spanish Language.

Thanks a lot for reading. If you find it useful or have any question please make comment beneath this post.

How to Perform SEO Optimization In 2023?

Search Engine Optimization refers to all strategies and techniques used to increase organic traffic to a website by enhancing its visibility on the search engine results pages. Most SEO campaigns aim to obtain placement on the top two to three-page search engine results as it is widely believed that most internet users hardly look past the first three pages.


Major search engines use crawlers to search for and score websites on the internet based on their relevance to the search term. Placement on the results pages is determined by a website’s rank, considering variables such as content quality, link relevance and popularity, keyword density, and HTML codes.

How to Perform Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization campaigns use both on-page and off-page optimization strategies and technical optimization to make websites prominent to search engines. On-page optimization involves enhancing the different elements of web pages, including content, page titles, images, videos, internal links and HTML codes. Off-page optimization pertains to strategies implemented outside of the website such as the development of external links from relevant websites that point to the website being optimized.

1. On-page Optimization

Many successful SEO campaigns usually involve the following on-site strategies to increase a website’s page ranking.

2. Website Content

Website content and backlinks are the primary factors determining a website’s natural search page ranking. Websites with fresh, relevant, original and updated content score higher on the search engine’s criteria. Current search engine algorithms place more importance on the quality of website content over other factors. Relevant and compelling content that draws traffic and engage users on the site can increase both the probability of making a conversion and the site’s search engine ranking.

3. Keywords

SEO campaigns are anchored on carefully selected relevant keywords that are strategically placed throughout the website at the optimum density to make the web pages more attractive to search engines. Keyword research and analysis are important steps in SEO success. The tactical placement of keywords within a web page helps search engine spiders in determining a page’s relevance to a particular search term.

An optimized site will normally contain keywords on the page title, the main heading, subheadings, page description, and the first paragraph of content.

4. Image optimization

On-page images and other multimedia materials add relevance scores to a web page is properly optimized for search engines. SEO techniques for images include using relevant words on the alt text, description, caption and file name. The image size is likewise optimized to avoid slowing down a site’s loading time.

5. Internal links

Internal links connect pages within the same domain. A properly structured internal linking structure is very useful in spreading site traffic and page ranking to different pages of a website. By providing visitors with easy access to relevant web pages within the website, a single visit can turn into an opportunity to send traffic to the linked pages.

6. Off-page Optimization

Off-site search engine optimization practices involve establishing relevant inbound links or backlinks, building site credibility, and developing social media presence.

7. Backlinks

In spite of the many changes in search engines’ algorithms, the quality and quantity of links coming into a site remain a very important factor in determining page rank. Sites with several relevant inbound links are most likely to rank well in natural searches. Popular sources of backlinks include important and popular blogs, directories and web listings, online press releases, vendors and clients’ sites, and interactive online tools.

8. Social Media:

Social media is another avenue for businesses to raise awareness for their brand, generate traffic and boost page ranking. Businesses can easily reach millions of people and spread their latest promotions and activities by using share buttons on the website and linking them to popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

9. Technical Optimization:

These SEO strategies by SEO Magnifier will also involve testing and improving the technical elements of a website. These normally include checking if the site has been indexed, finding and fixing broken links, and testing and optimizing website speed.

4 Reasons Why Use Article Rewriting?

It is not easy to write an article due to the regular demands and the waste of energy that this job drawn from the writer’s mind. Everyone who is in the writing job will be agreeing that the procedure of developing ideas and writing them into a quality article is a difficult task.

Do you know: How to Write Content That People Would Like To Read

In businesses, the owners also want that writer should have to convince the customer to use the product offered by the company through their writings. Writing should be so effective that users should think that it is worth using the company product. For this purpose, writers use content tools like online article rewriter and paraphrasing tool that have to set up a tone in writing that will be convincing as well as professional.

The followings are some tips that will help you in rewriting an article in a unique and professional style.

Do not make Grammar Mistakes:

While rewriting the article note the grammatical errors in the original one, do not repeat them. Give an impression through the article that it is written for professional use not only to share the stories with others. Grammar includes the proper use of the ideas, punctuation fixer, phrasing, spellings as it is not only limited to the utilization of the verbs and pronouns.

Do Proper Research:

Research is the main core of a well-written article. Some writers think that the use of the information given in the article that he is going to rewrite is enough to explain, but it is not true. Additional research is highly recommended by the good writers because it will give authority and proper research on the topic on which you are going to rewrite will also increase your knowledge about the subject, and you can write more efficiently about it.

It is good to read three to five sources about the topic you are going to write.

Make it Short and Simple:

The business article is used to convey the information directly about the company and the product that the business is offering. The second thing is the customer wants to see the reaction (feedback) and the description of the product they want to buy.

Do you know: Why Fresh Content Matters In SEO?

As you are going to rewrite an article so select the article with reasonable length but if you want to rewrite too much time article and make a method to shorten the description. The best word length for a business article is between 100-500 words. In this way, rewriting will get more practical and straightforward description of the topic or product.

Never go beyond the border:

Why are writers hired by the companies? It is due to the creativity of the writers. As writing is an art therefore by adding something new will increase sales and publicity. If you are an article writer then keep in view that never goes beyond the border means if you are given the freedom to write anything, you can do anything that you want but never go out of the topic just describe the main idea of the original article. Your article must have the same message that is given to the original one.

Best Images Optimization Tips for Search Engine Ranking In 2019

With a drastic increase in visual content like images, graphics and videos, SEO is not about optimizing written content anymore. You also need to optimize images and other media if you want your website to rank on top of the search engines. Images and visual content has opened many new avenues for SEO marketers and it has offered Best Images Optimization Tips them another area to optimize their webpages. People prefer visual content to plain text because it is much easier to consume and besides, it is fun. So, if you can optimize your images for SEO, you have a better chance of attracting more traffic.

Here are some image optimizations that you should keep in mind while doing SEO of your website.   

Image Size Optimization

Image Size is the first thing that you need to keep in mind. You don’t want to upload images with big file size because that would compromise the loading speed of your website which is one of the website ranking factors declared by Google. But you also can’t sacrifice the image quality by uploading low-quality images.

So, you need to find a middle ground. The most commonly used image formats on the web are GIF, PNG and JPEG. It is recommended that you use PNG for images because it has reasonable compression rate plus it doesn’t affect the quality so much. JPEG is also good but you lose some details with this. The point is, you should always keep the image size close to the most commonly used standard. You can check out your competitor’s images for getting an idea.  

Use Appropriate Image Name

The filename is one of the hidden and most overlooked yet one of the most important images ranking factors. Using relevant names with images help search engines find content relevant to those images. This is where you put your main keywords within the image title and also in the alt attribute of your images.

It is also advised that you use reverent title for the image. For example, if it is a city landscape then it should be named appropriately rather then something like imag007.jpg. You get the idea. The point, image and the image title relevancy is important if you want to rank well on the search engines.    

Put Images on SEO Optimized Pages

If you have some already optimized webpages then it’d be better to pace images on those pages. These images would be more likely to get ranked and featured in Google’s featured snippets. You need to find out what pages are doing well in term of search engine rank i.e. which pages have reasonable page authority and then post your images on that page.

Along with page authority, domain authority also matters. If a page of your website is being ranked for quality content then try hosting some images on that page. This would drastically affect the rank of your website.

Use the Right Format

As we mentioned above, you need to use an appropriate format for your images. The formats that are most widely used are JPEG and PNG. JPEG offers high compression rates but it also the image quality. You might end up using some important details from your images. Besides, putting bad quality images on your webpage is probably not a good idea.

It is recommended that you use PNG format for your images. It has good compression rates and the immortal details and quality of your images is also preserved. In fact, this format is a standard used by over 90% if the websites. 

Content Wrapping

Make sure that your content is wrapped around the images that you are uploading. But make sure that the content that you are wrapping around your images is relevant to the images on your webpage. For example, the content that you right just before the image like “Following is the image of an animal” and then put a picture of a computer mouse then this probably would not work. Content relevancy matters and Google uses that content to determine whether it should rank your image or not.

Using Stock Images

The question about whether you should use stock images on your website or not has been a topic of debate for a long time now. Some people argue that it’d negatively affect the rank of your website. But we have found that it is not the case.

There is no impact on your ranking by using stock images. But there is another thing that you should probably be aware of. And that is, stick images are mostly generic. Meaning, you can find many similar images on many other websites. Your website uses its uniqueness if you use too many of these stock images and we all know that search engines prefer uniqueness. So there is no copyright issues with using stock images but they also won’t give you a lot of benefits.   

Image Popularity Drives More traffic

Unique, original and engaging images can drive a lot of traffic to your website. It is just like having engaging written content. If you have an image that is highly engaging then people would most likely share it and interact with it. What is happening here is your image is earning more and more links with each interaction and each share.

This could be a great source of traffic for your website. So the takeaway here is this, upload images that serve a purpose and that have a sense of uniqueness with them.  Only then you can get a higher rank on search engines in terms of images optimization.

Final Words:

Trends in SEO have changed drastically over the years. You can’t just hope to attract more traffic to your website by simply optimizing your written content. You also need to optimize other visual aspects of your website like images if you want better results. The above Images optimization guide should help you through the process of image optimization for search engines. For more SEO news, updates and tips, stay tuned with SEO Magnifier!        

Latest Influencer Marketing Trends 2019 You Must Follow

Influencer Marketing Trends 2019 has helped a lot of Digital Marketers gain rapid success in the online world. In fact, it would be appropriate to say that 2018 was the year of Influencer Marketing. Although this channel of marketing had many controversies associated with it but still there is no doubt that it is one of the quickest and fastest ways of increasing your website traffic.

Why Influencer Marketing Trends Are Important In 2019?

Considering how important Influencer Marketing had proven itself to be in 2018, it is safe to assume that it’ll remain trending in 2019 as well. So, if you want to make the most out of it, here are the latest influencer marketing trends that you should follow in 2019.   

7 Leading Influencer Marketing Trends

1. Focus on Micro Influencers

Influencer marketing is all about having celebrities with huge influence say something about your product and services or simply just collaborate with you. This is the fastest way to earn the trust of your audience and create your credibility. But only focusing on having celebrity influencers is not the only way anymore. There are many other trends in influencer marking that you should consider.

The number of which is Micro Influencers 2019 or beyond. These are the people with follower ranging from 10,000 to 1000,000 and they have massive influence over your targeted audience. Now you have better chances of becoming a success with this approach rather than going for a greater but more generic audience.

2. Audience Relevance is Important

The best way to make the most out of an Influencer Marketing strategy is to first make sure that the targeted audience of the influencer is the same as yours. This is referred to Audience Relevance. This is one of the reasons why trends in influencer marketing are changing. A few years back, people used to go for celebrities for influencing but as it turns out, this is not as effective as it once was.

The brands are changing their focus from macro influencers to micro influences because this strategy have a greater potential of giving more ROI. Besides, the get to target the specific segment that they want to instead of wasting money and other resources on generic influencer marketing strategies.       

3. Influencing Through video Content

Video content on Web was initially not appreciated by marketers because it just seemed like a lot of unnecessary trouble. But now, considering how easy it has been made by Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, you’ve got to incorporate video content in your marketing strategy.

Influencers have also realized the impact of video content. It offers them to connect with their targeted audience in real time through platform like Facebook live. And by collaborating with these celebrities, you have better chances of doing a better positioning of your brand.          

4. Authentic Content Would be in Demand

As they number of influencers is increasing massively with every passing day, there is also a lack of unique and engaging content faced by the marketers. Having an influencer say something that they don’t believe in using a non-appropriate channel would totally undermine your influencer marketing efforts.

What you need to do is, come up with unique content ideas and also unique ways of presenting them. Using videos and podcasts is highly recommended. Just keep in mind that the content is just as important is the influencer itself. Make sure to come with an effective content plan for your Influencer marketing campaign. Having an influencer is one things, but it is unique and authentic content that makes your influencer marketing efforts worthwhile.   

Use our free advanced plagiarism Checker tool to see whether the content that you are publishing on your website is authentic or not.    

5. The number or type of influencers would increase

Past few years have faced many new trends in influencer marketing. Thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the number of influencers have drastically increased. In fact, it has become a whole new industry now. Anyone with followers from a few hundred to a few thousand can act as an influencer for your targeted audience. It is expected that these numbers would keep increasing as well.

Since the number of influencers are increasing every day, it only makes sense to categorize them so you can use the most appropriate one for your business. The most common categories of influencers include Mega Influencers, Macro Influencers, Micro Influencers and Nano influencers, all based on the number of followers they have.      

6. Engaging in Long-Term relationships with Influencers

Brand have realized that cultivating long term relationships with influencers is good for the business. That is because the longer an influencer stays with the brand, the more sincere the come across to the audience about a particular product. So, the brands are focusing on cultivating long term relationships with their hired influencers so that they can have them for their future influencing campaigns.    

7. Instagram would be the most powerful influencing platform

Instagram is the most appropriate platform for influencing these days. That is because Instagram celebrities have increased quite a lot over the past few years. There is also the issue of privacy violation by Facebook that people are turning over to other social media platforms.

Good thing Facebook acquired Instagram at a good time. Now all they had to do was to create the same level of engagement there as well and they managed to do so.

With features like live Instagram influencers 2019, Stories and Instagram TV, Instagram has opened up many new avenues for influencer marketing. Influencers and Digital Marketers are aware of these opportunities and how they can be useful for the business. The bottom line is this, focus on influencing via Instagram because it is going to be one of the most important influencing platforms in 2019.

Final Words

Influencer marketing comes in handy when you want quick results in less time. If you do it right, it is one of the fastest ways of gaining credibility. The SEO Magnifier above-mentioned trends are the most anticipated trends in influencer marketing so if you are planning on adding influencer marketing to your digital marketing mix, make sure to consider these trends.         

How To Avoid Google Penalty In 2019

With new updates being introduced every day, search engines are trying their best to provide their users with the best web surfing experience. Where these changes help improve user experience, they might affect the rank of your website or in case, might get it penalized. Today we are going to discuss to avoid Google penalty in 2019 be it happens. The Google penalty occurs when you don’t follow the guidelines provided by the search engines or you end up going against the rules defined by the search engines.

If you want your website to be safe from Google Penalty then you need to know what causes website penalization in the first place. There are two basic concepts when it comes to two website penalization. There is a concept called Spamming in which includes excessive an unnatural link building, comments spamming and stuff like that. Another thing is Google’s Algorithmic Updates. When Google introduces a new rule or policy that overrules the previously defined rules. You need to be aware of all of that if you want your website to be saved of Google Penalties.

Steps To Avoid Google Penalty In 2019

Following are some of the things that you should stop doing if you want to avoid getting penalized by Google.

Avoid Links Spamming

Link building is the heart of Search Engine optimization and one of the top ranking factors. If done in the right way, it can produce great results but if you try and go against Google’s link building guidelines and be ready to get penalized. One of the things that Google doesn’t like at all is the buying and selling of links. Google appreciates honesty and it expects the same from you. If you use false means like using paid links then it won’t be good for you website rank.

Here are some of the things that you should avoid doing when it comes to link building

  • Buying and Selling Links
  • Comments Link Spamming
  • Excessive Guest Posting
  • Irrelevant Links Exchange
  • Links Stuffed Content

You need to be moderate when it comes to your link building strategy. Try to keep it as natural as possible because if there is any kind of anomaly then Google is going to find out any way.

Create Rich and Unique Content

Coming up with unique content is not easy. Especially right now when there is literally limitless content about any topic that you can think of. This makes it quite hard to create unique content that would engage your visitors. But there is no other way. You need to do it any way. Creating unique content is all about creativity and discipline. If you think hard enough, you can come up with unique and rich content.

The number one thing that Google hates when it comes to content is plagiarism. Content stealing is wrong and Google takes it quite seriously. Most people get into the trap of following a shortcut and going for content stealing but you should know that it is the fastest way of getting penalized.

If you want your website to avoid getting penalized by Google then here is what you should

  • Consistently Create New Content
  • Avoid Content Spamming
  • Never, Ever publish copied or plagiarized content on your website

If you want to generate quality content automatically then you can use the SEOMagnifier paraphrasing tool for that purpose.

Stay Updated with Google’s Latest Algorithmic Updates

You cannot make yourself follow the rules if you don’t know what they in the first place. We are talking about the latest algorithmic updates that Google and other search engines keep bringing up every day. There have been many incidents in the past where people got kicked out by Google from the search engine rankings even though they didn’t do anything wrong apparently. Their only mistake was they didn’t keep themselves updated with the latest Google Algorithms.

Identifying Algorithmic penalties is quite hard because it not like general spamming penalties and you don’t even get notified about them. The only way you can find out about these penalties is if you keep track of the rank of your website. If it is dropping consistently then you might be doing something that is against Google’s quality guidelines. 

Avoid Negative SEO

Black hat SEO techniques are number cause of Google Penalty. If you are the kind of person who is not interested in under the hood website ranking details and don’t know anything about SEO then you’d probably hire some SEO agency for doing the optimization work. Make sure that they follow the standard SEO techniques and not illegal techniques like spamming.

For that, you first need to be aware of at least some of the basic standard SEO techniques so that you can monitor the work of your hired SEO Company. Most companies would simply just use false means like spamming. Make sure that your SEO team is flowing the latest, standard SEO techniques.  

Pay Attention to Comments Spamming

The number one most common thing that gets your website penalized is comments spamming. This includes both comments i.e. the ones that you do on other blogs and the ones that people do on your blog. Both these things are considered malicious by Google. Comment linking was a trend a few years back but since the new updates by Google, things have changed.

One way to avoid comment spamming is to only comment on forums that are relevant to yours. And for the comments on your forum, make sure to go through your comment section at least once and get rid of the comments that might seem like spam. There are better ways to earn links via commenting but whatever you do, avoid comment spamming at all costs.

Final Words: The SEOMagnifier’s above mentioned are the most common mistakes that beginners do that gets their website penalized. If you want to grow your website then make sure that you avoid spamming of all kinds at all costs and also, keep yourself updated with the new Google Algorithmic updates. You can only get a better rank if you play Google’s rules. And if you plan on using any shortcuts then you better prepare yourself for the consequences as well. That is it. For more details about latest Google’s penalty policy, stay tuned!  

5 Signs Why Losing Your Website Traffic In 2019

It takes time to build a business website that gives you a reasonable return on investment. And once you are there, you expect things to stay this forever. But that is not how online businesses work. You need to keep yourself updated with the latest search engine trends about Why Losing Your Website Traffic if you want to maintain your website traffic. Many marketers have faced severe loss just because they did not keep themselves aware of the latest changes in the search engine algorithms and as a result, they end up losing a lot of their search traffic.

If you are facing the same problem then there is definitely something wrong with your SEO strategy. But first you need to find out what is causing the sudden decrease in your website traffic. Here are 5 signs that tell you that you are losing your website traffic.  

1.      Your Organic Traffic is Decreasing

The most basic way to check if your website visitors are decreasing is to do a traffic audit of your website. Head over to Google Analytics or other SEO audit tool and generate the report for the last few months. Now compare the results that you get and see if there is a gradual decrease in the number of people visiting your website. That should give you an idea if your search traffic is decreasing or not.

Another phenomenon that you need to watch out for is if you see a massive decrease in your search traffic overnight. This probably means that you have been using some unnatural or to be straightforward, false ways of generating search traffic. SEO world knows it as black hat SEO techniques. Spamming backlinks is the number one thing that you should watch out for. If you are doing anything like that then you should stop because it could get your website penalized.

Use our best free backlink checker tool to check the backlinks that are pointing towards your website.

2.      You are not Getting Expected Conversions

Generating conversions is the one of the most important things for any online businesses. This terms means converting your prospective customers to actual customers. Whenever an online business starts off, they have certain expected profit in mind that they’d get by a certain time. If you are not getting it then there is something wrong with your strategy.

 The number one reason you are not getting expected conversions is simply because people just can’t reach out to your business. There is not enough traffic on your website and the ones that are on it they don’t feel like becoming your actual customers. The thing that you need to do here is, you need to determine what you are doing wrong and then come up with a solution for it. The most common thing that keeps people from not visiting your website is lousy web design, especially that of the landing page. Take a look at the design of your website and make the required changes for getting more traffic.

3.      Your Content is Shallow and Repetitive

Quality Content is one of the most important ranking factors, everyone knows that. If you are not getting enough traffic to your website then it is a clear signs that your content is not good enough. You are using outdated content or simply you are just not putting any effort into it at all.

There are certain taboos that you need to be aware of when it comes to content. One of them is repetition. We understand that coming up with new content is hard and it is quote easy to unconsciously fall into the trap of repetition when it comes to content. Make sure that there is no repetition in your content.

Also, try to make your content keywords rich. If your content is engaging enough you’d automatically get more visitors to your website. People tend to share the content that resonates with them. So, write for your audience and not the search engines and you are good to go.      

4.      Not keeping track of Google’s Algorithmic Update

Your website traffic would decrease eventually if you show laziness and don’t keep yourself updated with the latest search engine updates. Many website faced severe search traffic problems just because they were not aware of the latest Algorithmic updates by Google. Improving user experience is Google’s top most priority and they’d do anything to ensure that there users get the best web surfing experience. That is exactly why they keep introducing new algorithms.

If you are not vigilant enough then you’d probably miss out on the important search engine updates that would ruin your current website rank. Just like the time when Google introduced the penguin update. This update massively hurt the websites getting search traffic from spamming or paid links. This happened for so many other updates by Google. So, if you are losing your website traffic then it is probably because you have missed some important algorithmic update by Google.  

5.      Careless Website Redesigning

Where outdated website design negatively hurts your website traffic, redesigning your website in the wrong way can also do the same. It could also be one of the reasons why you are losing your website traffic.

When you are doing a website redesign, you might mess up some previously functioning code which was keeping your website optimized. Not having that code would mean that your website is not updated and that would paint a negative picture of your website in the eyes of Google. So, you need to be extremely careful when redesigning your website because that really can undermine your search engine optimization efforts.

Wrapping Up

Most beginners find it hard to figure out what they are doing wrong that is causing them to lose their website traffic. If you are facing the same problem then the above mentioned are some of the pointers for you. You can start diagnosing the problem from here. For more SEO news and Updated, Stay Tuned with SEO Magnifier!     

7 Reasons To Add Video Content To Your Content Marketing Strategy

No one can deny the importance of video content when it comes to the positive positioning of a brand. Businesses have used this channel of marketing for decades and now, online businesses are also coming back to this media format for content marketing strategy for promoting their businesses. That is because many social media platform have made it quite easy to generate video content, allowing businesses to interact with their prospective customers in real time.

Content Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to add video content to your digital marketing mix. It is one of the fastest ways of generating more leads. Here are the top 7 reasons analyzed by SEOMagnifier why you definitely need to add video content to your Content Marketing Strategy.

1. Visual Content is easier to consume

Video content is much easier to consume as compared with other content formats like texts and even images. You can get as creative as you want with videos. That is the thing about videos, there is always room for improvement.

Most Recommended: 5 Things To Clarify Before Starting An Online Business In 2019

Video Content allows you to deliver a large amount of content in a much shorter time. We all know that these are the days when time is of the essence. People tend to go for video content because it is usually concise and there is less pressure on their body which an average person usually feels when reading large sums of texts. 

2. Video Content offers better User Experience

Presentation of your video content has a big impact on whether people buy your product or not. Marketers are aware of this fact and that is why they are trying to make their videos as engaging as they can. When creating video content, their main focus is on improving user experience.

Video Content offers a much better user experience. When you present your products and services with beautiful visuals, with just the right background music and sounds along with an engaging voice over, you get a video content that is irresistible to anyone who comes across it.

Improved user experience also refers to the fact that you are providing your customers with accurate information and in the best way possible. It is a balanced combination of both these things that make your video content worthwhile.      

3. Increasing The Number Of Channels For Video Content Marketing

Another reason why people are coming back to using video content for marketing is, it is just so easy to do that nowadays. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook, which were only being used for entertainment back in the day, are now proving to be a major platform for businesses for marketing their products.

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Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have added video to content to their features. With Facebook’s Facebook live feature, businesses can interact with their customers in real time. This and many similar video content posting platforms have made it much easier to create and use video content for digital marketing.    

4. Better Optimization Opportunities

With video content, you get real-time response about the success of your content. You get quick results about the likes, shares, and even views of your video content. You can even break this down to the individual viewer level.

With such level of details, you can find out whether people are resonating with your content or not. If you are not getting the expected response then you can go on and change your approach. This level of flexibility offers you better opportunities for content optimization. 

5. Video Content Offers Better Stay Time

If your video content is engaging enough, people would stay and watch it completely which gives your content and website a better dwelling time. One of the metrics for determining the success of an online business is the bounce rate. Which refers to the people who come to your website and immediately leave it because they just don’t find it engaging enough. Video on the main landing page has proven to decrease the bounce rate for many websites.

An average web surfer has a short attention span. Video Content allows you to make the most out of that attention span by immediately engaging them towards your products and services.  

6. Engages Customer In A More Intimate Way 

Video Content allows you to communicate with your audience on a much deeper level. With video content, you show them your human side. This makes people believe that you are one of them which makes it easier for them to relate to your point.

The whole point of influencer marketing is about engaging customers in a more personal way. Moreover, video content is the most commonly used channel for that. When people watch a person that is a big influence for them talk to them about a certain topic of interest, people are more likely to respond to that.

7. Better Click Through And Conversion Rates

Video content can improve the conversion rates of a particular business quite a lot. It all depends on how well you pitch your ideas and engage the people watching that video. Once you can make them believe that your product is worth checking out, you have better chances of getting more conversions.

Research shows that video content performs about 80% better than other forms of content when it comes to converting prospective customers to actual customers.

Final Words:Over the years, Video content has become an essential part of every Content Marketing strategy. In fact, your marketing efforts are incomplete if you have no plans of adding video content to it. This doesn’t mean that other forms of content has become obsolete, it just means that you have better chances of getting more results with video as compared with any other content type.   

Beginner’s Guide to On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to on page and off page SEO. In this beginner guide to On-Page and Off-Page SEO, I’ll tell you the basic differences between on page and off page SEO and how you can use these SEO techniques to produce the results that you want.

Beginner’s Guide to On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Knowing about basic SEO is the first step towards becoming a top-ranked businessman in the online world. The success of any online forum is not just about the content now, it has become a game of strategies and people, who accurately execute their strategies, win. Without SEO, your blog would be lost in the stream of millions of similar or better web pages. So, let’s see what both these terms are all about.

What is On-Page SEO?

As the name suggests, On-Page SEO is all about what is on your page. It is a technique in which you basically focus on the items on the individual pages on your website and try to optimize them as much as you can. These items may include the underlying code of your page as well as the content f your page. You need to optimize these things so that your visitors won’t have to face any kind of lag while surfing your page.

But how does it affect your rank in Search Engine Result pages (SERP’s)?  Well, the best way to explain is, On-Page is what you would call “adding value to your forum”. By making it error free and easy to surf, you are increasing its trustworthiness in the eyes of the Google and other search engines. On-Page is all about focusing on the performance of your website by optimizing the stuff that is on your page i.e. website. Here are some On-Page SEO factors that you must consider for optimization

  • Title Tag and Meta Description Optimization
  • Standard URL length
  • Research Common user’s search intent
  • In-Depth Keyword Research
  • Headings Optimization as per your targeted keyword
  • Page loading Speed Optimization 
  • Use of quality content
  • Use of Videos and Images
  • Inbound Links optimization
  • Content Relevancy is extremely important as per Google Reports

Some of these terms might be confusing for you, but don’t’ worry; with a little research you should be able to understand all of it. This was just to give you a head start on your journey to becoming an expert in SEO.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is all about optimizing the factors that are outside of your page to increase your website’s trustworthiness and authority. It is related to building quality links and generating leads to your website. This should be done on a regular base because new quality links are always preferred by search engines.

In off-Page SEO, you are pretty much dependent on other pages to rank your website. What this means is, you make connection with authoritative websites via back linking so that you can attract a bigger audience. Off-Page SEO includes generating leads via Social Media forums or Social Bookmarking websites.

Another trend that is pretty much in right now is influencer marketing. If you don’t know about it, it is a powerful technique in which you get someone with great influence to say something about your business, thus giving you better chances at getting more traffic. Link building is the most important factors of Off-Page SEO. Let’s briefly review some of the factors that you need to consider for Off-Page optimization.

Off Page SEO Elements

  • Creating Quality backlinks (best backlinks maker)
  • Generating leads via Social Media and Social Bookmarking etc.
  • Strategically using Influencer Marketing
  • Images, audios and videos submission
  • Creating links via Comments linking guest posting etc.
  • Creating quality content that can be shared on different sites
  • Making use of Question and Answer forums like Quora etc.
  •  Using Profile creation sites to create links to your website

Where On-Page SEO determines how your websites performs in terms of loading speed and other factors, off-page SEO works to increase your website’s trustworthiness. There is no choosing between these techniques because it is an equal combination of both that makes your site rank well in the search engines.

Final Thoughts: Effective SEO strategy is what you need to take your business to another level. And coming up with a good enough strategy requires that you put in the time and get yourself acquainted with the ins and outs of SEO. Also, SEO is an ever-evolving filed so; you also need to keep yourself updated with all the recent SEO trends.

The bottom line is, make sure that all the SEO factors, whether it be On-Page and Off-Page proudly collected by SEO Magnifier officials for our audience, are all relevant and on point to your business. That’s what would take you higher in the SERPs while maintaining your trustworthiness.