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About Sentence Counter

Use our free online sentence counter tool to find the exact number of sentences and words in your content. This tool offers accurate and efficient senescent counting performance in a short amount of time.   

What is the Sentence Counter Online?

The Sentence Counter Online is a free tool by SEOMagnifier which helps users find out the exact number of sentences that they have in any kind of content. Whether you are writing academic content or creating SEO content to post on your online platform, you can use this tool to keep track of the total number of sentences in the content.

SEO Magnifier Sentence Counter

You can use the information that you get from this tool to plan your future content strategy and also write content that is concise and is exactly the way you want it to.

When it comes to formatting content and keeping the content length in check, a sentence counter tool can go a long way. Although you can calculate the number of characters and words using MS word, this app doesn’t tell you the number of sentences in the content.

Using the free online Sentence Counter, you can find out the number of sentences in your content that can prove to be quite valuable for you in terms of your content marketing strategy.

Count Characters, Words, Sentence Paragraphs in the Content  

Our online sentence counter tool offers a wide range of impressive features which make this tool stand out from the competition. For starters, it is not just a senescent counter. This tool will tell you the exact numbers of characters to stay within the character limit, words and even paragraphs that you have in your piece of writing. This is the power of our Sentence Counter tool.

You can use this tool as a sentence counter, a word counter tool, and as a paragraph counter too. And with the ease to use interface of this tool, you can use all the features of this tool in the most interactive way.     

Online Sentence Counting Tool Features

Free Online Sentence Counter: Unlike most free online word and character counter tools, there are no fees for using this free sentence counter. You can visit our website and use this tool and all the other SEO and educational tools for free. We have made this tool to be free to use for that everyone can use this tool, without adding in their payment details or setting up a subscription.  

Counts Total Number of Words in your Content: With this tool, you can count sentences and also calculate the total number of words in your content. Just add in the essay or the web content that you created in this tool, once the tool is done with the processing, it would show you the total number of words and characters as well as sentences in the content. 

Fast & Efficient: This tool uses a smart sentence counting algorithm that calculates the total number of sentences in record time. We guarantee you that this online tool is faster than 90% of the sentence counters that you can find out there. It is fast and efficient for analyzing content and delivers quick performance in less time.

Engaging UI Design: The user interface of the sentence counter online is friendly and looks quite attractive. The reason behind our design approach was to make this tool easy to understand and use by everyone. Therefore, we have kept the user interface as simple as we could have kept. With the easy to use interface and the self-explanatory design combined with super-fast performance, this tool is your best choice for an online sentence counter tool.   

Safe and Secure Performance: We don’t save any of your input data on our servers. As soon as the tool is done counting words and the sentences and you are done using this tool, we delete all the input data so that it remains perfectly safe and secure. We care about your privacy and we are going to do everything that we can so that you can have a safe user experience when using our online sentence counter tool.

How to use SEOMagnifier online sentence counter?

  • Write the text in the text box in Sentence Counter Tool.

How to count sentence online step 1

  • You can also copy and paste content on this tool from a different source.

How to count sentence online step 2

  • Wait for the sentence counter to finish processing.

How to count sentence online step 3

  • The tool will show you the results in real time.
  • How to count sentence online step 3

Note: This tool will also give you reading level, keyword density as well as reading and speaking time report of the content.

SEOMagnifier’s Online Sentence Counter FAQs

What is a sentence counter tool?

A sentence counter is a powerful online tool that helps its users count the total number of sentences in your piece of writing. The content is added in this tool and it analyzes it to give you the total number of sentences in it in real time.

What is the best sentence counter tool online?

The online word count tool and sentence counter tool by SEOMagnifier is the best tool for counting sentences in an essay or web content. This tool takes the user experience to a whole new level. And the best part is, this tool is completely free with no maximum usage limit issues.  

Why use the sentence counter tool?

Sentence Counter tool helps you keep track of your content length so that you can write the most concise yet effective piece of writing that would engage your audience, without throwing them off. This tool also gives its users an idea about the reading level of the content so that it can be further improved.  

How to calculate the number of sentences in an essay?

For calculating the number of sentences in an essay, use our free online sentence counter tool. Copy and paste your essay from SEO Magnifier essay rewriter in this tool and it would tell you all you need to know about the number of sentences in your essay. 

How to calculate the total words in a paragraph?    

If you want to find out the number of words in paragraphs, copy and paste the paragraph in this tool. Put your content in this tool and wait for a few seconds, the tool will give you the number of words in the paragraph.