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Convert TIFF (Tag Image File Format) files to PDF (Portable Document Format) for free using our powerful TIFF to PDF converter.

What is TIFF to PDF Converter?

TIFF file format is developed by a company named Aldus. Adobe Systems now owns this company and its product the TIFF extension. This file format is heavily used by graphic designers and photographers for storing line art and standard photographs.

When it comes to sharing one or more TIFF files across the internet, sharing the files as is would not be a great choice.

Tiff to pdf converter

This is because if you have a lot of files to share, you will have to share them one by one. Also, the quality of the images can get affected.

So, to make the process safer, and hassle-free, you can convert the TIFF file to PDF. Converting TIFF to PDF will help you combine multiple TIFF files into a single document, without affecting the quality.

Our free online TIFF to PDF converter is an advanced online tool that helps you convert your TIFF files to PDF, in a short amount of time. Once you get the PDF, you can convert it to text using the PDF to TXT converter.

Convert Large TIFF to PDF for Free

If you have large TIFF files of a lot of sizes, then sharing or storing them on your PC can be quite a hassle. You can save yourself from trouble with the help of our online TIFF to PDF converter.

Our free converter is a powerful tool that facilitates the conversion between TIFF and PDF files. Since the PDF documents are supported by most operating systems, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

You’d be able to see the contents of the TIFF files on any device that you want after converting it to a PDF. This is one of the reasons why our TIFF to PDF converter is great. Aside from TIFF documents, if you want to convert simple text to PDF, you can use the online TXT to PDF converter by SEO Magnifier.

How to Convert TIFF to PDF Online?

Here is how you can use this tool to convert TIFF to PDF online:

  • Go to our website and search for the TIFF to PDF converter from the given list of tools.

How to convert tiff image to pdf online step 1

  • Open the tool and upload a single of multiple TIFF files in the tool.

How to convert tiff image to pdf online step 2

  • Click on the Convert button to start the conversion from TIFF to PDF.

How to convert tiff image to pdf online step 3

  • Wait for a few seconds for the output and then download the PDF file.

How to convert tiff image to pdf online step 4

  • Startover to convert more image files to pdf for free.

How to convert tiff image to pdf online step 5

SEOMagnifier Tiff to PDF Converter Features

Free TIFF to PDF Conversion

The TIFF to PDF conversion using our online tool is 100% free. There are no charges associated with the conversion and you can use the tool 24/7, without worrying about access issues. The PNG to TXT converter is free as well.

Most free online converters have a maximum usage limit. Our tool doesn’t have any kind of such limits. You can use the tool as many times as you want, to convert all your TIFF files to PDF.

Accurate & Efficient

The problem with most online TIFF to PDF converters is that they don’t deliver good output. They mess up the quality of the TIFF files and the PDF document that you get is also quite bad. The BMP to Text converter by SEO Magnifier is quite efficient and accurate as well.

We have optimized our TIFF to PDF converter to deliver top-quality performance. The tool takes a much shorter amount of time to do the conversion, as compared with the mainstream TIFF to PDF converters that you find out there.

High-Quality PDFs

The quality of PDFs that you get from this tool is quite incredible. The PDFs are high quality, and you can see all the details of the TIFF file clearly, without any kind of impact on the way the files appear.

The PDF file format is known for being great for storing images and text. When you combine your TIFF files using our tool, it saves you from the hassle of sharing TIFF files one by one.

Safety Guaranteed

If you are worried about the safety and security risks of using free online TIFF to PDF conversion tools, then we suggest that you check out our TIFF to PDF converter.

We have made this tool, along with other tools such as the Image to Text Converter, while following the latest safety and security standards so that you can have a great experience when converting TIFF files to PDF.

Works on All Platforms

The TIFF to PDF converter, along with the Text to Binary converter, work on all devices, regardless of the operating system that they are running. Since the tool works inside a web browser, you won’t have to worry about installing any additional software for using it.

All of the tools available at SEO Magnifier work in our efficient web servers. This is what allows our tools to be fast and effective when processing your files. Also, if you want to generate an image from the text for free, you can use the online Text to Image Generator tool.

SEOMagnifier’s Tiff to PDF Converter FAQs

How do I convert a TIFF file to PDF?

If you want to convert a TIFF file to PDF without any kind of hassle, you should check our free online TIFF to PDF converter. This tool is a free web app designed to help you easily convert TIFF to PDF.

What program opens a .tiff file?

There are various image editors available out there that you can use to open TIFF files. Some popular ones include Microsoft Photos, CorelDRAW, Apple Preview, and Adobe Photoshop.

How do I open a TIF file in Windows 10?

  • Right-Click on the TIFF file and click on Open With.
  • Choose Microsoft Photos from the given list of programs.
  • Double click on it to open the TIFF file in Windows 10.

Can Adobe Reader convert TIFF to PDF?

Yes, Adobe Reader can convert TIFF to PDF. Here is how you can do it:

  • Open Adobe Acrobat and click on Tools. You will see the Create PDF option there.
  • Choose the PDF file. When you do that, it will give you a bunch of different options. Choose the TIFF option from there.
  • Click on a tag named Create.
  • After that, choose a location to save the PDF file.

How do you convert a TIFF file?

If you want to convert a TIFF file to PDF, you can use our online TIFF to PDF converter. If you want to convert it to any other format, you can use the appropriate web app to make it happen.