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Convert your PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file to TXT for free with our OCR PNG to TXT converter!

What is PNG to TXT Converter?

PNG is an image file format that is used to store a bitmap that is compressed with lossless compression technology. Since a PNG is an image file, you can’t edit the text on a PNG image directly. If you want to edit text that is stored in a PNG file, you’d need to convert it to an editable format.

This is where our PNG to TXT converter comes in!

png to txt converter Online

The PNG format to TXT converter by SEOMagnifier works on the advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology which helps this tool recognize text in a PNG image and extract it out in the editable .txt format. It converts PNG to text, and you can make changes to the extracted text as per your requirement.

Why Convert PNG to TXT?

You might be wondering, why you would even want to convert a PNG to TXT? Well, there can be many reasons for that.

For example, let’s say you have an image that contains important textual information that you want to take out from it.

To extract the information out from the image, you’d need to write the text manually. This is a time-consuming process that can feel repetitive, boring, and even daunting.

The PNG to TXT converter helps eliminate the hassle for you and automatically takes out from a PNG file. This online OCR tool help you convert image to take out text from them in a simple, easy, and fast way.

Once you are done making the changes to the text, you can convert TXT to PNG again using the TXT to PNG converter. The TXT to Image converter also helps you do the same.

How to Use the SEOMagnifier PNG to TXT converter?

Here is how to change a PNG to .txt using the PNG to TXT converter.

  • Upload a PNG file from the local storage of your PC or phone. You can drag & drop the PNG files as well. You can upload the PNG files from Google Drive or Dropbox too.


  • Click on the Convert button on the PNG to TXT converter.

  • Download the converted .txt file by clicking on the Download button on the tool.

  • Start Over to convert more png files to txt.

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SEOMagnifier PNG To Txt Converter Features

100% Free PNG to Text File Converter

The PNG to TXT Converter helps you convert your PNG files to TXT online for free. This free online service works without a subscription. You can use the Image to Text converter 24/7 to convert your image files to text. The tool is quite fast and effective in terms of conversion from PNG to TXT. Similarly, you can use the PDF to TXT converter for free as well to convert your PDF files to .txt format and PDF to png converter very similar tool for pdf to png conversion.

Easy to Use

The PNG to TXT online tool is great for people who are looking for an easy-to-use solution for extracting text from PNG files. This easy to use software solution doesn’t require a lot of practice or training to learn. You can use your phone or to gain access to this tool and start using it without any hassle.

On a side note, if you want to generate unique text to make your content stand out, you can try out the Tiny Text Generator for that.

Fast Conversion

The conversion from PNG to TXT is quite fast with this powerful tool. It doesn’t take a lot of time to load and extract text from an image faster than other online tools out there. The TXT to PDF tool by SEOMagnifier also stands out in terms of fast performance as compared with the competition

100% Safe and Secure

You can use the PNG to TXT converter without any kind of security worries. It is a safe and secure online software that offers you premium services, without any kind of risks. The PNG file size doesn’t matter. You can convert any number of PNGs as you want, without worrying about the security of your input information.

No Compatibility Issues

The PNG to TXT converter online is a web app that runs inside of a web browser. The app is installed on the servers of SEOMagnifier. What this means is, there are no usage limitations and compatibility issues with this tool. You can use this tool in a web browser on your Windows PC, Mac, and even Android devices. The Reverse Text Generator by SEOMagnifier is another great tool that works on all devices, without compatibility problems.

SEOMagnifier PNG To Text Converter FAQs

How do I convert PNG to text?

You can use the PNG to TXT converter by SEOMagnifier to easily convert a PNG to text for free. This image to text converter is free of cost and doesn’t require any kind of fees for use.

How do I copy text from a PNG?

It is not possible to directly copy text from a PNG. You’d need to extract the text from the PNG using an OCR tool. The PNG to TXT converter by SEOMagnifier is the best tool for that.

How can I convert images to text?

There is a lot of image to text converter tools out there that you can use to convert an image to text. You can use the SEOMagnifier Image to Text Converter if you want the best performance.

Can you convert a PNG to Word?

Yes, you can convert a PNG to Word using an online PNG to Word converter.

How to convert a txt file to PNG?

You can convert your TXT file to PNG using an online TXT to PNG converter software.

How do I convert a PNG file to text?

Converting PNG files to txt is now simpler than ever. You can use the SEOMagnifier PNG to TXT converter to convert all your PNG files to text.

Can I text a PNG file?

You can’t directly text a PNG file. You can use the PNG to TXT converter to convert the PNG to text and after that, you can use it as a text file.

How do I convert a PNG file to Word?

You can upload the PNG file into a PNG to Word converter. The converter is going to convert the PNG file into the format that is supported by Word. You can also convert the PNG images files to PDF as well using our online PNG to PDF Converter for free.