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About Wordpress Theme Detector

So, you have found a catchy WordPress website and you want to know what theme the site is using? WordPress Theme Detector is the tool for you. This theme and plugin detector tool by SEOMagnifier will tell you all the information you need to know about the theme used by any WordPress website.     

Number# 1 Online WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector

Designing a website from scratch is not an easy thing to do. Especially when you have no idea about the design that you want to create. Now, you can either spend hours coming up with design ideas or you can find engaging WordPress website designs online and build on top of those designs. How do you do that?

This is what our WordPress Theme Detector will help you with.

SEO Magnifier WordPress Theme Detector

This tool will tell you learn everything about the themes and plugins being used by a WordPress website. Once you know their design approach, you can use their design ideas to get inspiration for your own website.

Plus, this tool is not just a theme detector. WPTD tool is also a WordPress Plugin detector that gives you complete details about the plugins used by a site. This information is extremely valuable for beginner WordPress users looking for ways to optimize their WordPress website.          

This is what Our WP Theme Detector and Plugin Detector will Tell You!

  • Is it WP?
  • What WordPress theme is that?
  • Theme version along with Price of Theme
  • Number of Plugins Being used on the site
  • Website Hosting Company
  • Links to download for the Themes and Plugins and so much more!

Features of SEOMagnifier WordPress Theme Detector Online

Free to use What WordPress Theme Detector

The WP Theme Detector by SEOMagnifier is a free tool for web designers. This tool can be used by anyone who is interested in finding out the technologies behind the design of  WordPress websites. This tool doesn’t come with any maximum usage limits and can be used anytime you want. The free WordPress theme and plugins detector offers the best performance without any charges.   

Fast and Accurate Script

The Fast and Accurate WordPress theme detection script of this tool gives you a lot of information about the themes and plugins being used to build a WordPress website. This tool would be your only stop for learning all about the popular WordPress websites and the themes as well as plugins that they are using. The script runs quite fast and the tool offers you complete information about the site build of WordPress website, better than most theme detector tools online. If you would like to speed up your website the our CSS minifying tool and HTML file size reducer are useful to reduce the size of CSS and HTML files as well.       

Runs on Fast Web Servers

This tool doesn’t run on local system resources. It doesn’t need to be installed on your PC as separate software. It can be used inside your web browser. It is a web app that runs on the fast and powerful servers of SEOMagnifier. There won’t be any kind of lag associated with the use of this tool and it will deliver amazingly fast performance, without putting any kind of load on your PC.    

Works on Most Platforms

This tool works on most devices and operating systems. Whether you have a Windows PC or a Mac, this tool would work just fine on all devices. Support for mobile phones have also been added with this tool. It would be easy for you to use on your smartphone as the user experience of the smartphone version is also quite amazing.

100% Safe and Secure Online Tool

Most free WordPress theme detector tools are not safe. They might contain harmful viruses that might affect your privacy. There are no such issues with our tool. This Website Builder detector online is safe to use and is recommended by users from all around the globe. Plus, this theme detector is live 24/7 so no matter where you are in the world, you’d be able to use this tool whenever you want to.      

Rich User Experience

The user interface and the overall design of the software has been kept as simple as possible. We made this tool keeping in mind that beginners should also be able to make use of it without any kind of problems. All the UI elements of the theme detector are easy to understand and operate.

How to use the WordPress Site Theme Detector?

  • For finding our what theme is website using, here is how you can use our WordPress Theme Detector.

how to detect any WordPress website theme and plugins step 1

  • Copy and Paste the URL of the Website in our Tool.

how to detect any WordPress website theme and plugins step 2

  • Click on the Submit Button.

how to detect any WordPress website theme and plugins step 3

  • Wait for WordPress Theme Detector Script to Finish Running.

how to detect any WordPress website theme and plugins step 4

  • All the information about themes and plugins would be shown to you in a short while.

how to detect any WordPress website theme and plugins step 5

  • Try new URLs to detect another website's WordPress themes and plugins.

how to detect any WordPress website theme and plugins step 6

SEOMagnifier’s WP Theme Detector FAQs

What is WP theme detector?

A WP Theme Detector is a tool that gives you details about the theme and plugins being used by a WordPress website. 

How Our WordPress Theme Detector Works?

This tool used a powerful and advanced WordPress Theme Detector Script that fetches the complete details about themes and plugins that are WordPress website is using. You get to see the name, the version as well as other info about the theme.

How to detect what theme is that?

If you want to detect the WP theme of a site, add the link of the website in our tool. Our tool will analyze the website to give you all the details that you need about the WordPress theme.

How wp theme checker works?

This theme checker runs WP theme detection script on the URL that you paste in it and uses that to get the details about WordPress themes and plugins.

How to hide WordPress plugins from wp theme detector?

You can use plugins like WP Hide & Security Enhancer to hide the name of the theme. There are other security plugins out there that you can use also use for the same purpose.  

How to use WP Theme detector?

Add in the URL of the website you want to find the details about in our tool, wait for a few seconds and all the details would be given to you.

How to detect what WordPress theme is that?

If you want to detect the WordPress theme of a website, add the link of the site in our WPTD tool. The tool will analyze the website to give you all the details that you need about the WordPress theme.

How to find the theme of a website?

In order to find the theme being used on a website, add the link of the website in our tool. Wait for a few seconds until the tool does its magic and you’d be shown the information you are looking for in a short amount of time.