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Bulk Facebook ID Finder

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About Bulk Facebook ID Finder

Welcome to our easiest to use Bulk Facebook ID Finder tool. Enter links or URLs for multiple Facebook Pages and Profiles to find their ID on Facebook. This tool can show you search results for up to 20 links at once.   

What is the Facebook ID Finder Tool?

When you create a new Facebook ID or a Facebook Page, a unique URL is generated for that profile or Facebook page. This URL mostly contains the name of the person who has created the profile. But ever since Facebook offered the feature for creating custom usernames, people are choosing different names for their Facebook Profile and pages and those names don’t appear in the URL.

Bulk Facebook ID Finder

So, when you come across something like SEO Magnifier Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/seomagnifier This URL is going to point to a Facebook ID. Now, you don’t see the name of the person here. You can go on to this link and see for yourself or you can use the Bulk Facebook ID finder tool to get all the information associated with this Facebook ID URL straight in this tool.

Why Use Facebook ID Finder?

There are a lot of free Facebook ID Finder tools out there that you can check out. But most of these tools only handle a single URL at one time.

The powerful Bulk Facebook ID Finder Tool by SEOMagnifier allows you to add in multiple links for different Facebook IDs and profiles to find Facebook IDs associated with those links.

This tool is free to use and offers an intuitive way to get Facebook ID online 

So, whenever you have multiple links for different FB profiles and Pages, paste them here in this tool to get the information about IDs associated with these tools.

How to use SEOMagnifier's Facebook ID Finder?

  • Copy and Paste the Links for Facebook Profile or Facebook Page in this tool

Bulk Fb Id Finder

  • You can place up to 20 links here at once

how to find facebook id step 1

  • Each Link must be placed on a separate line

how to find facebook id step 2

  • Click on Get Facebook ID

how to find facebook id step 3

  • Wait for the tool to finish fetching information

how to find facebook id step 4

  • The ID related to the URL would be shown to you 

Features of SEOMagnifier Facebook ID Finder

Free to use

This Facebook ID Lookup tool is free to use. This tool doesn’t ask you for any kind of charges or subscription fees for using its services. It is entirely free and simple to use. 

Safe and Secure ID Finder

The Facebook ID finder makes it easier for you find Facebook ID associated with a profile or page URL. This tool analyzes link and gives you results related to the URL in the most safest and secure way possible.  

Can Handle Multiple Inputs at Once

Unlike most free Find My Facebook ID tools; this tool can handle multiple links at once. You can add in about 20 different links on this tool and this tool will process all these links to give you the exact info about IDs associated with this tools. 

Super-Fast ID Tracking Speed

This tool delivers fast results in less time. We have tried this Facebook ID finder tool under different network conditions, and it has delivered impressive performance on all those networks.   

No Installation Needed

This tool doesn’t need to be installed on a PC. It is a free web app that is can be used to from PCs as well as mobile phones. The Facebook ID lookup tool by SEOMagnifier won’t take in any of your additional system resources.

SEOMagnifier Bulk ID Finder FAQs

What is the Bulk Facebook ID Finder?

The Bulk Facebook ID Finder is a free FB ID locator tool that helps you find a Facebook profile or page based on its URL. Simply just paste the URL in the box and the tool will take care of finding the ID for you.  

How Do I Find my Facebook Page ID?

You can use Find My Facebook ID tools like the FB ID Finder by SEOMagnifier to find your Facebook page ID.

What is the best Bulk Facebook ID Finder?

The Facebook ID Finder Tool by SEOMagnifier is the best one in the business. It shows you results for multiple URLs at once.

How to use the Bulk Facebook ID Finder?

Copy and paste the URL of a Facebook Page or ID in the specified space and click on Get Facebook ID. The tool will analyze the URL and show the ID for that link.

What site offers the best Bulk Facebook ID Finder Tool?

SEOMagnifier offers the Best Bulk Facebook ID Finder tool, along with many other SEO and Non-SEO tools that you can use on this site for free.