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About Keyword Density Checker

The keyword density Checker tool tells you the percentage of the keywords that you use in your article. It helps in converting your content into high quality by checking the keyword density and making it according to the search engine requirement.

A keyword is made of phrase or words, whereas the percentage of the word or keyword present in the contents on other word is called keyword density.

Keyword Density Checker

Keyword density of an article can be calculated by the keywords density formula, which is the Number of time a particular keyword repeated/total number of word*100. But it is a very hard job to do it manually which require energy and a lot of time. Therefore we at SEO Magnifier created this fantastic keyword density analyzer to help you in finding Keyword density of your article in seconds.

The recommended keyword density by Google and other search engines is 1% to 3%. If you go out of this percentage, then it is called keyword stuffing according to Google and it is not good for you. So, try to keep your density of keywords between the recommended percentages.

Why to use the keywords density calculator tool?

There are numerous benefits of using this tool. You can get the exact volume of keywords used in your article. This tool enables you to select the keyword length according to the number of words.

It is the free tool which is simple and easy to use. This keyword percentage calculator tool analyzes the text you provided and give your required result in no time with 100% accuracy.

How does the keywords density calculator tool work?

This tool works on very simple basics, as it analyzes each word of your contents and finds out which word or combination of words (keyword) is used for how many times and then it shows you the complete result including all the keywords.

When you paste your article in the given box of this Keyword Density Analyzer tool, it starts finding the keywords and gives a report. The report contains the total information of your contents including whole number of words used, the total number of characters used, the percentage of different keywords used and much more.

How to use SEO Magnifier keyword density checker?

  • It is straightforward to use this keyword density percentage checker This tool point out your mistakes so that you can make changes to them and make your text user-friendly as well as search engine friendly. Go to the keyword density tool page.
  • To use this tool paste your page link or article into the given box. Select the number of keyword and the number of words per keyword and click the start button.

How to check keyword density step 1

  • Solve the captcha.

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  • Click the submit button.

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  • It will begin its work and give result in seconds with a reliable result.

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Always keep in mind that Keyword density ratio is the back of the SEO if you do not put keywords accurately then all your efforts go in vain. Only the informative, entertaining, valuable pages get preference from Google.  So, use this live keyword density checker to make your article worth and get high rank in search engines.