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Small Caps Generator

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About Small Caps Generator

Welcome to our free to use Online Small Caps Generator Tool. Convert text to small caps with our amazing Small Caps generator tool and use it for your Instagram Bio or for other social media platforms. 

What is the Small Caps Generator?

This tool is an amazing small caps generator that converts the input text to small caps that you’d be able to use on all social media platforms. The converted tiny letters can be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms.

small caps generator

It isn’t just tiny font; the tool uses special Unicode characters to represent the tiny letters that you get with this tool. So, this small text converter is not like a simple case converter, you’d be able to make the text smaller and still be able to use it on social media websites.

Why Use Small Caps Generator?

Small Caps text generator converts text alphabets to a smaller size, way smaller than what you get with ordinary case converter software. Small Caps are used to add emphasis to what you have to say, and they make your text look important and cooler in many ways.

When you really want something from a piece of text to stand out, small caps are the way to go.

You can even get across some banned words if you use small caps. For example, there are a few words that are banned by some video games and social media platforms. You just can’t post those words. If you use a small caps generator and generate small caps through it, these words won’t be detected by the game or the social media platform.

Another amazing benefit of small caps is, the formatting the way you have done it, stays the same across all platforms. Once you change text to lower case, it doesn’t get affected by different formatting settings of different social media sites. So, if you have put emphasis on something with the small caps using the tin text generator, it remains preserved on all platforms. The similar text tools including the text to binary translator and the text to spech unlimited are the most popular tools available on the SEOMagnifier.

Features of Small Caps Generator

Easy to Use: The use of All Small Caps generator is quite simple. This tool takes in the text from the users and uses its efficient conversion algorithm to convert it onto small caps. This text converter generates small alphabets that can be used on many social media sites. It is a free online tool for generating mini text for social media platforms.

No Installation Required: This small caps generator is not like most fonts generator tools that need to be installed on a computer. This tool works online to generate tiny fonts. Feel free to use this tool whenever you want to. The status updates for conversion are shown to you in real-time with this tool.  

Converts Smalls Caps in Many Styles: This tool converts all caps to the mixed case in many styles that can be used in social media posts. The small font generator packs amazing features which make this tool stand out from the rest of the similar text converter tools.

How to use SEOMagnifier Small Caps Generator?

  • First of all, select the small caps generator from the tools list.

SEOMagnifier small caps generator

  • Type in the text in the tool.

how to use small caps generator step 1

  • You can also copy and paste the text.

how to use small caps generator step 2

  • The Converted Small Caps would be shown to you in real-time.

how to use small caps generator step 3

Small caps generator FAQs

What is the Small Caps Generator?

Small caps generator is a handy web tool that allows you to convert case text into small caps that you use in your Instagram Bio and other social media platforms.

What is the Best Small Caps Generator?

The Small Caps generator by SEO Magnifier is the best one that you can find out there. It offers a wide range of style options for small caps that you can copy and paste anywhere you want to. 

How to use the Small Caps Generator?

Type in the text in the tool and it will show you results in real time. This tool is simple to use, and the UI design is self-explanatory. 

How to convert text to small caps?

Use the Small Caps generator by SEO Magnifier to convert text to small caps. Change case of text easily with this tool.  

How to create subscript alphabets online?

You can use the small caps generator by SEO Magnifier to create subscript alphabets online with ease.