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About Sitemap Generator

What is the XML Sitemap generator?

XML sitemap generator is one it's kinds sitemap generator tool available by seo magnifier. You can simply generate HTML, RSS and sitemap for your site with this excellent free sitemap generator tool. With the help of XML sitemap (generated by this tool), you can easily notify the search engines like Google, Yahoo and others to identify all the pages present on your site.

Sitemap Generator

What is Sitemap?

Sitemaps are best ways to use to inform the search engines about all the web pages on your site contrarily you may not be able to do so. You can also say that sitemaps are the essential structured list of your pages present on your site.

You can also tell the search engines which pages of the site is updated last time and how many times it is updated.

Why use the sitemap creation tool?

There are many reasons, that will encourage using this tool. Following are some silent features of this plugin that will surely make you to use this tool.

  • It is entirely free tool. The results that you obtain will be 100% satisfactory and reliable. It is free but of premium quality.
  • It generates the sitemap that will notify the search engines to capture your site.
  • It will also help you to index quickly and surely.
  • It is the time-saving tool. It will give results in no time.

How does a sitemap generator for WordPress work?

It works on simple principles. Enter your website URL in the given box and select the other options. After that enter the generate button, and it will start generating a sitemap of your site. After crawling your site, it will redirect you to the new page that contains the link.

After downloading the sitemap form the use it into the root folder of the site. After doing this important step, go to the Google webmaster and add the sitemap URL there to complete the process.


How to generate an XML sitemap using SEO Magnifier?

As it is already being said that it is straightforward and easy to use this best sitemap generator for Google.

You to need to follow these simple steps.

how to generate xml sitemap step 1

  • Select the last modify date.

how to generate xml sitemap step 2

  • Select the frequency of change sitemap.

how to generate xml sitemap step 3

  • Select the number of pages to crawl.

how to generate xml sitemap step 4

  • Solve the "captcha challenge".

how to generate xml sitemap step 5


  • And click the "Generate Sitemap" Button.

how to generate xml sitemap step 6

To get XML sitemap for your site, that will automatically increase the chances of crawling your site. It will also improve its ranking of the site, even if it is a new site.

Use some other excellent tools available at the seo magnifier. It is a complete platform or station for the tools used for SEO and other purposes.