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About Rank Checker

Welcome to SEOMagnifier's Keyword rank checker tool which helps you to find keyword position in google. Keywords are the main points a webmaster must follow while writing an article. Keywords are the life of an article. You can say that if you have good Keyword and have the potency to write well on that one then no one can stop you to index it properly into the search engines.

Why are Keywords so important?

Actually, keywords are the important points on which an article is written and you can also say that keyword is the combination of words that people use to search their required thing on the internet. If you use the keyword in the same in suggested position by search engines like Google then it means that it is going to rank and people can find that at the higher position in Google. So, be careful while using a keyword in your contents and make their position according to Google policies.

Google Keyword Rank Checker

What is a keyword rank checker tool?

Google Keyword position checker tool is the of an advanced SEO tool that is introduced by the SEO MAGNIFIER which is the best ever SEO tool station for the webmaster.

This Keyword Rank checker tool will tell you about the rank of your keyword in the Google and help you to take a decision whether you need to use that keyword or not.

If you are connecting with the online Earning field, therefore, it is too necessary for you to stay active and in touch with the new SEO techniques and policies announced by the search engines.

This tool will let you know about your current position in search engines and also tells your website ranking.

Why use Google keyword position tracker?

As I said that SEO policies and techniques are changes by the search engines regularly which also have the effect on the position of the keywords in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

This Keyword Position Tracker tool will help you to let you know all the information about your selected keyword. It will give you the ranking of your current keyword in all search engines.


How does the best online keyword rank checker tool work?

Keyword position checker tool is the best tool introduced by the SEO MAGNIFIER which works simply. You can use this tool to check the keyword rank of your website. It scans your website for all the search engines and tells you position in them.

If your keyword is between the first three positions then it will be super good for you but it is even good if you have your keyword position on the first page of the search engines.

But if you do not have your keyword even on the first page then need to take some important steps to increase your rank.


How to use SEOMagnifier's Keyword Rank Tracker?

It is a very easy-to-use keyword position tracker tool. The following are steps through which you can use this tool.

how to check keyword rank on google step 1

  • Then in the second box, write your selected keyword from your website.

how to check keyword rank on google step 2

  • At the last choose the number of positions you want to target in the Search engines.

how to check keyword rank on google step 3

  • Solve the captcha code.

how to check keyword rank on google step 4

  • Hit the "Find Keyword Position" button.

how to check keyword rank on google step 5

  • Then press on submit and it will give you instant and reliable results.

You can believe 100% on the result given by this keyword position checker offered by the SEO Magnifier.