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Article Density Checker

About Article Density Checker

Welcome to the Keywords and Article Density Checker tool offered by the SEO Magnifier. We found that many of our friends, users, and webmasters are looking for a tool that will tell them the exact number of words, and keywords present in their article and help them to adjust their keyword density within an article.

Article Density Checker

This Tool will help you analyze your article quality by checking the percentage of keywords in your article. If you use keywords according to the search engines requirement, then it is well and good, but if you do not do it exactly according to the policy, then you need to change to strategy and make it favourable for the search engines.

It is very easy and straightforward to use which gives a new experience to using an SEO tool. SEO Magnifier always introduces a tool that will increase your ease, and you can trust them with closed eyes. This tool is also part of such excellent advanced tools that will help you in SEO and remain at a high position in search engines.


Why use an article density checker tool?

Well, different factors determine why to use this tool and why it is important to check article density.

The followings are some of them.

  • This article density finder tool is offered by the SEO Magnifier which is the best online SEO tools station that provides all the advanced tools to its clients and growing day by day.
  • It is very easy to use the tool, you do not have any professional qualifications to use it as it does not have use of any language.
  • It is a fast, instant and reliable result giving a tool that helps you to check the keyword density in your article.


How does this content keywords density calculating tool work?

Whenever you paste your article to check article density in it will start analyzing your content and gives you the result.

It will give results in columns. The first columns contain short tail keyword density percentage, while in the second box it will show the percentage of keywords that contain two words and in the third columns, it contains the keyword percentage of three words.

Your keyword density should be in range % recommended by the search engines like Google did not like the articles or contents that have keywords density of more than 3%. Therefore always try to keep your words density below or equal to 3%.

How to use SEOMagnifier's keyword density checker tool?

It is very easy and simple to use the tool.

  • First of all, go the article keyword percentage calculator.

article density checker tool

  • Just paste your article into the given box. Articles' keyword density calculator will start checking the keywords density in your article.

articles keyword percentage checker

It will give you the result in percentage which makes it easy for you to understand the quality of your article.

The seo magnifier keyword density checker will give result in no time and tell you where you need to make changes to set the keywords density according to the recommended high authority articles.