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About APK Downloader

APK Downloader by SEOMagnifier is a free online tool that allows you to download the android apps of your choice from 3rd Party sources. Use this tool to download the unavailable or restricted apps straight to your PC or smartphone.   

What is SEOMagnifier's Bulk APK Downloader?

APK Downloader is a powerful tool that would help you download all the APKs that you want to install on your PC. This tool downloads the APKs from the Google servers. So, the APKs downloaded via this tool would be perfectly safe for the user.

SEOMagnifier's Bulk APK Downloader

This tool is easy to use and features a simple user interface. You just need to know the package name of the app that you want to download. You can get this package name from 3rd Party APK package name libraries.

APK Downloader features powerful deep search features that help you find the latest version of the APK file that you are looking for. This tool searches the web for installation packages or the APK files for the app that you are looking for. The APKs that it presents you with are all safe and secure. You can install these APKs on your phone without having to worry about viruses or malicious hacking attempts.

Why Use Bulk APK Downloader?

This tool is great for you when you have to download an app that isn’t available in your country. When an app has been released and it doesn’t make it to your country yet, and you badly want to use it, you can use this tool to search for the APK file for the app on the web.

There are some mobile apps that are just not available in some regions. The access to these apps is restricted to certain regions of the world and that might not include yours.

You can get access to these region restricted apps with the Bulk APK Downloader by SEOMagnifier.

APK Downloader will help you bypass these restrictions so that you can enjoy the apps of your choice, without any kind of problems.  

SEOMagnifier’s APK Downloader Features

Free to use Web Tool: This APK Downloader is free to use and works for the bulk search and downloads as similar to our recent bulk facebook user id finder to detect the id or Facebook user. There is no restriction for the maximum usage of this tool. It works well on desktop web browsers as well as mobile web browsers. This tool makes the process of generating APKs easier and simpler for the users.

Safe and Secure APKs Download: This tool fetches APKs from secure web servers. The downloaded APKs would be compatible with android emulators and would also work fine on mobile phones. The APKs generated by this tool would be safe and secure.  

Over 1000 Scans Per Day: This tool offers you a massive usage limit per day. You can generate more than 1000 scans per day with this tool. Most free APK downloader tools and extensions don’t generate such a massive number of scans in a day.   

No Registration Needed: There is no registration needed for using this tool. You can simply just visit SEOMagnifier, choose the APK downloader from there and start using it the way you want to.   

Works on All Platforms: The online APK Downloader works on all operating systems and supports all major web browsers. Since it is a web app, it won’t use much of your system resources. It works well on mobile phones too.

How to use SEOMagnifier’s Online Bulk APK downloader?

how to download apk online without registration step 1

  • Search online for the Package name for the APK you want to download.

how to download apk online without registration step 2

  • Solve the captcha Code.

how to download apk online without registration step 3

  • Click on the Submit Button.

how to download apk online without registration step 4

  • Wait for the process to finish Up.

how to download apk online without registration step 5

  • You’ll get a list of the APKs along with download links.


how to download apk online without registration step 6

  • Click on the Download button for the APK file you want to download.

how to download apk online without registration step 7

  • The App will be downloaded on your PC and you may click the "Try New Keyword" to download more apps.

SEO Magnifier APK Downloader FAQs

What is APK downloader?

APK Downloader is a powerful tool that allows the user to download the APK versions of the apps from Google’s web servers. It fetches APK files from these servers to bring you the results that you are looking for.

Can I download my apps using HTTPS?

Yes, you can download android APKs using HTTPS connection. The connection would be secure and the APK that you get as a result would be completely safe to use.

Can I download paid apps?

No, this tool doesn’t encourage the use of paid apps for free. You can get all the free apps available at Google Play Store from this tool.   

How many new APK scans SEOMagnifier generate per day?

You can generate more than 1000 scans per day. Which is quite enough for average use. This tool also deals with

How to use SEOMagnifier Online APK downloader?

Add in the package name for the APK that you want to download in this tool. The tool will fetch the APK data from the web and would bring you the APK download option.

How to use APK downloader chrome extension?

You can go to the chrome web store and download the APK Downloader extension from there. There are a lot of APK downloaders available out there, so choose the one that is top-rated. The use of the APK Downloader Extension is the same as the way you use APK Downloader by SEOMagnifier.   

What is the best APK downloader app?

APK Downloader by SEOMagnifier is the best web tool for downloading the latest versions for apks. This tool is free to use and offers a massive usage limit which doesn’t run out easily.

What is the best APK downloader?

If you are looking for the best and the fastest performance, then we recommend you check out the APK Downloader by SEOMagnifier. It delivers fast results and APKs that you get with this tool are safe to use.

How does this APK downloader work?

It fetches the APK file from the web to make it available for the users. You also get the OBB file data with the APKs that you download with this tool.

Why choose SEO Magnifier APK downloader?

This tool is safe & secure and is also easy to use. It downloads APKs from Google’s web servers so the downloaded apps would be Google Verified.