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About Page Authority Checker

Page Authority is one of the most important factors that are known for SEO or ranking factor. Page Authority which is also called PA means that how much capability or value your web page have in search engines.

Page Authority is the key factor to rank your website to get the position on the first page. If you have high PA, then you have the high chance of ranking and getting the first position but if PA is lower than you have almost no chance to get ranked high.

Page Authority Checker

But the biggest problem that webmaster faces in PA checking is that they do not find any useful tool that gives reliable results and tell them the actual PA of their web page in search engines like Google.

But here comes this PA checker that will surely help you to make an authority web page.


What is Page Authority checker tool?

Page Authority Checker tool is the addition of the advanced SEO tool in the Tools Station of SEO MAGNIFIER. This tool enables you to check the PA of your web page in all search engines.

Page Authority is as important as Domain Authority as both play a significant role in indexing and ranking. Both give the website value in Google. This PA Checker Tool provide results in figures as Domain Authority Checker tool gives and these both tools are offered by the SEO MAGNIFIER.


Why Use page authority analyzer Tool?

It is an important question to ask as what is new in the tool that makes it so important to use it to check the PA. So, here are some important things about it that will make you use it.

  • It is offered by the SEO MAGNIFIER, which is one of the SEO Tools Stations that provide most advanced and reliable tools.
  • It is very simple and easy to use.
  • It will give results in no time, and all the result is free from errors.
  • It gives numbers ranging from 1-100 to your web page according to its value in the search engines.


How does page authority analyzer tool Work?

  • IT is very simple and easy to use the tool.
  • First of all, go to the page authority checker tool page.

page authority checker

  • Enter the website URL you want to analyze.

how to check page authority step 1

  • Solve the captcha challenge.

how to check page authority step 2

  • Click the "Submit" button.

how to check page authority step 3

  • The result will be shown in a few seconds.

how to check page authority step 4

  • It searches your web page authority in all the search engines and gives you results in numbers.
  • These numbers tell you how much value/status your website has in search engines.
  • It works quickly and smoothly and gives 100% reliable result in no time. It is better than all PA Authority checker tools.


How to use the bulk Page authority checker By the SEO MAGNIFIER?

Use of this tool is very simple. You just have to enter the domain name or URL of your website and then click on submit icon. It will start searching your PA in all the search engines and give you result in no time.

If PA of your web page is high, then your page will get high rank as it is a necessary ranking factor for Google.

You can also use the domain authority checker offered by the seo magnifier for checking the PA of the site in bulk, as 20-page links can be pasted in different lines at one time in this tool. It will give result all of them instantly.