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About Domain Age Checker

Welcome to Domain Age Checker which is one of the best SEO tool offered by seo magnifier which displays the age of a website on the Internet, this is especially helpful informative the ranking of the website according to Google. This tool also shows you how much your old your website old and your competitor’s websites are old.

Why Domain age matters?

Domain age may get several priorities in Search Engine Rankings as older websites have built their trustworthiness in the eyes of Search Engines, therefore, domain age matters.

What Does this tool offer?

Our free Domain Age Checker tool also provides you following information website created to date, updated date, expiry date that on which date the domain was produced, updated and its expiry date.

How to use domain age tool?

It's so simple to use as child's play. Just type the domain name in the box and hit the enter button to obtain the various information regarding the website.

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