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Latest Influencer Marketing Trends 2019 You Must Follow

Influencer Marketing Trends 2019 has helped a lot of Digital Marketers gain rapid success in the online world. In fact, it would be appropriate to say that 2018 was the year of Influencer Marketing. Although this channel of marketing had many controversies associated with it but still there is no doubt that it is one of the quickest and fastest ways of increasing your website traffic.

Why Influencer Marketing Trends Are Important In 2019?

Considering how important Influencer Marketing had proven itself to be in 2018, it is safe to assume that it’ll remain trending in 2019 as well. So, if you want to make the most out of it, here are the latest influencer marketing trends that you should follow in 2019.   

7 Leading Influencer Marketing Trends

1. Focus on Micro Influencers

Influencer marketing is all about having celebrities with huge influence say something about your product and services or simply just collaborate with you. This is the fastest way to earn the trust of your audience and create your credibility. But only focusing on having celebrity influencers is not the only way anymore. There are many other trends in influencer marking that you should consider.

The number of which is Micro Influencers 2019 or beyond. These are the people with follower ranging from 10,000 to 1000,000 and they have massive influence over your targeted audience. Now you have better chances of becoming a success with this approach rather than going for a greater but more generic audience.

2. Audience Relevance is Important

The best way to make the most out of an Influencer Marketing strategy is to first make sure that the targeted audience of the influencer is the same as yours. This is referred to Audience Relevance. This is one of the reasons why trends in influencer marketing are changing. A few years back, people used to go for celebrities for influencing but as it turns out, this is not as effective as it once was.

The brands are changing their focus from macro influencers to micro influences because this strategy have a greater potential of giving more ROI. Besides, the get to target the specific segment that they want to instead of wasting money and other resources on generic influencer marketing strategies.       

3. Influencing Through video Content

Video content on Web was initially not appreciated by marketers because it just seemed like a lot of unnecessary trouble. But now, considering how easy it has been made by Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, you’ve got to incorporate video content in your marketing strategy.

Influencers have also realized the impact of video content. It offers them to connect with their targeted audience in real time through platform like Facebook live. And by collaborating with these celebrities, you have better chances of doing a better positioning of your brand.          

4. Authentic Content Would be in Demand

As they number of influencers is increasing massively with every passing day, there is also a lack of unique and engaging content faced by the marketers. Having an influencer say something that they don’t believe in using a non-appropriate channel would totally undermine your influencer marketing efforts.

What you need to do is, come up with unique content ideas and also unique ways of presenting them. Using videos and podcasts is highly recommended. Just keep in mind that the content is just as important is the influencer itself. Make sure to come with an effective content plan for your Influencer marketing campaign. Having an influencer is one things, but it is unique and authentic content that makes your influencer marketing efforts worthwhile.   

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5. The number or type of influencers would increase

Past few years have faced many new trends in influencer marketing. Thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the number of influencers have drastically increased. In fact, it has become a whole new industry now. Anyone with followers from a few hundred to a few thousand can act as an influencer for your targeted audience. It is expected that these numbers would keep increasing as well.

Since the number of influencers are increasing every day, it only makes sense to categorize them so you can use the most appropriate one for your business. The most common categories of influencers include Mega Influencers, Macro Influencers, Micro Influencers and Nano influencers, all based on the number of followers they have.      

6. Engaging in Long-Term relationships with Influencers

Brand have realized that cultivating long term relationships with influencers is good for the business. That is because the longer an influencer stays with the brand, the more sincere the come across to the audience about a particular product. So, the brands are focusing on cultivating long term relationships with their hired influencers so that they can have them for their future influencing campaigns.    

7. Instagram would be the most powerful influencing platform

Instagram is the most appropriate platform for influencing these days. That is because Instagram celebrities have increased quite a lot over the past few years. There is also the issue of privacy violation by Facebook that people are turning over to other social media platforms.

Good thing Facebook acquired Instagram at a good time. Now all they had to do was to create the same level of engagement there as well and they managed to do so.

With features like live Instagram influencers 2019, Stories and Instagram TV, Instagram has opened up many new avenues for influencer marketing. Influencers and Digital Marketers are aware of these opportunities and how they can be useful for the business. The bottom line is this, focus on influencing via Instagram because it is going to be one of the most important influencing platforms in 2019.

Final Words

Influencer marketing comes in handy when you want quick results in less time. If you do it right, it is one of the fastest ways of gaining credibility. The SEO Magnifier above-mentioned trends are the most anticipated trends in influencer marketing so if you are planning on adding influencer marketing to your digital marketing mix, make sure to consider these trends.