5 Signs Why Losing Your Website Traffic In 2019

It takes time to build a business website that gives you a reasonable return on investment. And once you are there, you expect things to stay this forever. But that is not how online businesses work. You need to keep yourself updated with the latest search engine trends about Why Losing Your Website Traffic if you want to maintain your website traffic. Many marketers have faced severe loss just because they did not keep themselves aware of the latest changes in the search engine algorithms and as a result, they end up losing a lot of their search traffic.

If you are facing the same problem then there is definitely something wrong with your SEO strategy. But first you need to find out what is causing the sudden decrease in your website traffic. Here are 5 signs that tell you that you are losing your website traffic.  

1.      Your Organic Traffic is Decreasing

The most basic way to check if your website visitors are decreasing is to do a traffic audit of your website. Head over to Google Analytics or other SEO audit tool and generate the report for the last few months. Now compare the results that you get and see if there is a gradual decrease in the number of people visiting your website. That should give you an idea if your search traffic is decreasing or not.

Another phenomenon that you need to watch out for is if you see a massive decrease in your search traffic overnight. This probably means that you have been using some unnatural or to be straightforward, false ways of generating search traffic. SEO world knows it as black hat SEO techniques. Spamming backlinks is the number one thing that you should watch out for. If you are doing anything like that then you should stop because it could get your website penalized.

Use our best free backlink checker tool to check the backlinks that are pointing towards your website.

2.      You are not Getting Expected Conversions

Generating conversions is the one of the most important things for any online businesses. This terms means converting your prospective customers to actual customers. Whenever an online business starts off, they have certain expected profit in mind that they’d get by a certain time. If you are not getting it then there is something wrong with your strategy.

 The number one reason you are not getting expected conversions is simply because people just can’t reach out to your business. There is not enough traffic on your website and the ones that are on it they don’t feel like becoming your actual customers. The thing that you need to do here is, you need to determine what you are doing wrong and then come up with a solution for it. The most common thing that keeps people from not visiting your website is lousy web design, especially that of the landing page. Take a look at the design of your website and make the required changes for getting more traffic.

3.      Your Content is Shallow and Repetitive

Quality Content is one of the most important ranking factors, everyone knows that. If you are not getting enough traffic to your website then it is a clear signs that your content is not good enough. You are using outdated content or simply you are just not putting any effort into it at all.

There are certain taboos that you need to be aware of when it comes to content. One of them is repetition. We understand that coming up with new content is hard and it is quote easy to unconsciously fall into the trap of repetition when it comes to content. Make sure that there is no repetition in your content.

Also, try to make your content keywords rich. If your content is engaging enough you’d automatically get more visitors to your website. People tend to share the content that resonates with them. So, write for your audience and not the search engines and you are good to go.      

4.      Not keeping track of Google’s Algorithmic Update

Your website traffic would decrease eventually if you show laziness and don’t keep yourself updated with the latest search engine updates. Many website faced severe search traffic problems just because they were not aware of the latest Algorithmic updates by Google. Improving user experience is Google’s top most priority and they’d do anything to ensure that there users get the best web surfing experience. That is exactly why they keep introducing new algorithms.

If you are not vigilant enough then you’d probably miss out on the important search engine updates that would ruin your current website rank. Just like the time when Google introduced the penguin update. This update massively hurt the websites getting search traffic from spamming or paid links. This happened for so many other updates by Google. So, if you are losing your website traffic then it is probably because you have missed some important algorithmic update by Google.  

5.      Careless Website Redesigning

Where outdated website design negatively hurts your website traffic, redesigning your website in the wrong way can also do the same. It could also be one of the reasons why you are losing your website traffic.

When you are doing a website redesign, you might mess up some previously functioning code which was keeping your website optimized. Not having that code would mean that your website is not updated and that would paint a negative picture of your website in the eyes of Google. So, you need to be extremely careful when redesigning your website because that really can undermine your search engine optimization efforts.

Wrapping Up

Most beginners find it hard to figure out what they are doing wrong that is causing them to lose their website traffic. If you are facing the same problem then the above mentioned are some of the pointers for you. You can start diagnosing the problem from here. For more SEO news and Updated, Stay Tuned with SEO Magnifier!     

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