Content Marketing Strategy

7 Reasons To Add Video Content To Your Content Marketing Strategy

No one can deny the importance of video content when it comes to the positive positioning of a brand. Businesses have used this channel of marketing for decades and now, online businesses are also coming back to this media format for content marketing strategy for promoting their businesses. That is because many social media platform have made it quite easy to generate video content, allowing businesses to interact with their prospective customers in real time.

Content Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to add video content to your digital marketing mix. It is one of the fastest ways of generating more leads. Here are the top 7 reasons analyzed by SEOMagnifier why you definitely need to add video content to your Content Marketing Strategy.

1. Visual Content is easier to consume

Video content is much easier to consume as compared with other content formats like texts and even images. You can get as creative as you want with videos. That is the thing about videos, there is always room for improvement.

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Video Content allows you to deliver a large amount of content in a much shorter time. We all know that these are the days when time is of the essence. People tend to go for video content because it is usually concise and there is less pressure on their body which an average person usually feels when reading large sums of texts. 

2. Video Content offers better User Experience

Presentation of your video content has a big impact on whether people buy your product or not. Marketers are aware of this fact and that is why they are trying to make their videos as engaging as they can. When creating video content, their main focus is on improving user experience.

Video Content offers a much better user experience. When you present your products and services with beautiful visuals, with just the right background music and sounds along with an engaging voice over, you get a video content that is irresistible to anyone who comes across it.

Improved user experience also refers to the fact that you are providing your customers with accurate information and in the best way possible. It is a balanced combination of both these things that make your video content worthwhile.      

3. Increasing The Number Of Channels For Video Content Marketing

Another reason why people are coming back to using video content for marketing is, it is just so easy to do that nowadays. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook, which were only being used for entertainment back in the day, are now proving to be a major platform for businesses for marketing their products.

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Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have added video to content to their features. With Facebook’s Facebook live feature, businesses can interact with their customers in real time. This and many similar video content posting platforms have made it much easier to create and use video content for digital marketing.    

4. Better Optimization Opportunities

With video content, you get real-time response about the success of your content. You get quick results about the likes, shares, and even views of your video content. You can even break this down to the individual viewer level.

With such level of details, you can find out whether people are resonating with your content or not. If you are not getting the expected response then you can go on and change your approach. This level of flexibility offers you better opportunities for content optimization. 

5. Video Content Offers Better Stay Time

If your video content is engaging enough, people would stay and watch it completely which gives your content and website a better dwelling time. One of the metrics for determining the success of an online business is the bounce rate. Which refers to the people who come to your website and immediately leave it because they just don’t find it engaging enough. Video on the main landing page has proven to decrease the bounce rate for many websites.

An average web surfer has a short attention span. Video Content allows you to make the most out of that attention span by immediately engaging them towards your products and services.  

6. Engages Customer In A More Intimate Way 

Video Content allows you to communicate with your audience on a much deeper level. With video content, you show them your human side. This makes people believe that you are one of them which makes it easier for them to relate to your point.

The whole point of influencer marketing is about engaging customers in a more personal way. Moreover, video content is the most commonly used channel for that. When people watch a person that is a big influence for them talk to them about a certain topic of interest, people are more likely to respond to that.

7. Better Click Through And Conversion Rates

Video content can improve the conversion rates of a particular business quite a lot. It all depends on how well you pitch your ideas and engage the people watching that video. Once you can make them believe that your product is worth checking out, you have better chances of getting more conversions.

Research shows that video content performs about 80% better than other forms of content when it comes to converting prospective customers to actual customers.

Final Words:Over the years, Video content has become an essential part of every Content Marketing strategy. In fact, your marketing efforts are incomplete if you have no plans of adding video content to it. This doesn’t mean that other forms of content has become obsolete, it just means that you have better chances of getting more results with video as compared with any other content type.   

Content Marketing: Pros And Cons For 2019

Effective Content Marketing is an intrinsic part of every online business. This term basically refers to creating high-quality engaging content that adds value to its consumers. Quality content helps attract the relevant audience and makes them stay on your forum, thus giving you greater chances of making more sales. Content marketing is an essential part of every online business marketing mix and neglecting it could cost you a lot.

Content Marketing Do’s and Don’ts for 2019

Content Marketing can either make or break your business. So, you need a to get acquainted with all the ways through which you can get the maximum out of your content. Here are a few things that you should and should not do with regard to your content marketing strategy in 2019.

Content Marketing: Pros And Cons For 2019

Content Marketing Pros

First, let’s come over to the Do’s that you need to work on. The first one in our “DO” list is…

  • Create Value-driven Content

A conservative approach for creating content have been is to produce as much content as you can. This would work if it was like years ago but now, things have changed. And we are talking about both Google algorithms as well as the general routine of a general consumer. People don’t like to spend even a minute on something if they don’t find it value able. That is because they have so many best english paraphrasing tool for thesis choices now that they know even if they leave your forum, they can still find what they want on some other similar forum. The bottom line is, what your content says about it in the first few seconds, is going to determine whether your client stays on your forum or not. So, the thing that you need to take away from this is, create value-driven content and make it look like “it adds value” the second it appears in front of the client.  

  • Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a valuable trend to follow in 2019. Once you get a credible influencer to say something about what you are selling then that’s it. It increases the authority of your forum and helps create loyal customers who have the potential to do repeated purchases. But here is the catch, there would be times when you would feel like you need to buy the influence. And when you feel that way, don’t do it. If you get someone to say something about you because you are paying them then that won’t be as influenced because they are not doing it because they want to. Focus on finding authentic influence i.e. the people who’d be interested in your business and would feel happy to talk about it.

  • Multiple Type of Content

Content Marketing isn’t about written text content anymore. In fact, that is not enough now. You need to try out a variety of content as per your need. Try adding videos, images, podcasts and other social media content displaying techniques. Using live video is highly recommended because this gives you a real-time opportunity to connect with your clients. Use different type and different style of content to make it more engaging and attractive.

  • Create Meaningful content clusters

There is a general notion about online content that it should be descriptive and to-the-point. That is true but this doesn’t mean that long content is out of practice now. In fact, it is clear from the stats that Google prefers long form content while indexing. The point is, you can’t write long and still stay on point, if you know how to. But still, writing long content isn’t enough. You need to present it in a way that would make it look interesting instead of dull and boring. You need to strategically use meaningful Content clusters so that your audience would know right away about the basic idea behind your content.

Content Marketing Cons

Now, let’s come to some bad practices that basically destroy the beauty of your content. And the first one in our list is…

  • In-authentic and Vague Content

In-authentic content basically means writing about something that you don’t anything about i.e. writing without any kind of research. This was a very common practice back in the day when only the length of the content mattered. But the search engines are way more intelligent now. Make sure that you do proper research before writing about anything. You need to be extremely clear about the thing that you are writing about because if you don’t the you’ll end up dabbling and the resulting content would be vague and in-authentic.

  • Bad Story Telling

Good story telling is really important when it comes to the positioning of your brand. Story telling basically about explaining to your customers why you are doing what you are doing? And believe it or not, people get influenced by this. With good story telling you get people to be interested in what you are selling and with bad storytelling, obviously enough you repel them away. Learning the art of storytelling is important for every digital marketer.

  • Quantity Over Quality

Writing long content is good and all but if it undermines the quality of your content then its better that you don’t do it. Staying on point and giving people exactly what they need is the key to success in the online word. Focus more on producing high quality, engaging content that really adds value to its consumers.

  • Inconsistency

You need to consistently produce quality content and keep your forum updated. I know it is easier said than done but it matters whether you like it or not. If you are not producing content consistently and relying on one or two previously posted online content then you are basically falling behind of your competition who are posting more than you. You need to publish new content about 2-3 times a week if not every day for better indexing.

Final Thoughts: This is just a brief list of Do’s and Don’ts composed by the SEO Magnifier but they can make a big difference in your content marketing strategy. Producing the high-quality engaging content is important and this brief guide is enough to get you started with it. More on content marketing would be shared later on once we are done analyzing the effectiveness of all the latest trends. Till then, stay tuned!